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What’s not working? How can we have more fun?

A few weeks ago, when of my favourite authors Gretchen Rubin shared the concept of ‘Halfway Day’. What I found interesting was the chance to sit down and say to ourselves, “ok, it’s halfway through the year. What’s not working for me?” Some things not working for me: Scrambling to get to my desk and sit […]

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I’m Erin.
Clinical Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Course Creator, Educator, Supervisor, Podcaster, Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). Slight Overachiever. 
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You find an hour to yourself. A moment you’ve potentially been anticipating for weeks. What do you do? You fantasize about what you *could* do – book a massage? see a friend? read a book?  Then the moment comes. Is this excitement or anxiety in your body? Is this feeling calm or am I just […]

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Dr Erin Bowe November books

I’m hyper aware that not all Mums have the time and not everyone enjoys it. Though even a few useful passages of a book can complement therapy beautifully. The last time I shared a reading list it was well received, so here’s what I’ve been reading and recommending lately. I’ve put this list on Youtube or you can […]

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Wintering can refer to the season outside, but it can also refer to a phase of life that’s particularly challenging and draining. I’ve had to learn how to winter. To really learn that life is cyclical not linear, and that there are times when I absolutely should rest and not push through. As always, if […]

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Do you want to hear about one of the regrets I have in my career as a Psychologist? It’s about the time I accepted a referral for a child in what was a rather non-child centered practice. In my defense, he was 10 and I thought I *might* get away with not needing anything beyond […]

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Dr Erin Bowe birth trauma

We all have weird thoughts. Really, honestly, we all do. 90 percent of all new parents will have intrusive thoughts. They stem from the fact that we are biologically wired to scan for danger and keep our babies safe. Take a breath and some comfort in knowing you’re not alone if you’re only just learning […]

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birth trauma debriefs

Last week I shared a few thoughts about EMDR for birth trauma. Seeing as though this topic comes up a lot as well, I thought I’d cover birth debriefs this week. Is something I answer weekly emails about, and it’s covered in my birth trauma training for birth workers course, but I thought it might […]

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EMDR for birth trauma

“When the alarm bell of the emotional brain keeps signaling that you are in danger, no amount of insight will silence it.” ― Bessel A. van der Kolk EMDR is the approach I like to use when it’s clear that trauma symptoms are persisting and someone is struggling to cope with intrusive thoughts, memories and bodily sensations from birth trauma. For […]

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more than a healthy baby birth trauma

“I don’t know why I didn’t fight back” “I don’t know why I just stood there and watched my partner held down” “I agreed to so much stuff I didn’t really agree to because they said “well, you don’t want to end up with a dead baby” “I wanted to say something. I knew what […]

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I’m attempting to keep it brief this week. My new book, Social Media Detox for Mums is out this week – Feb 2nd. This week on my Mum as You Are podcast, I’ve spent 10 minutes summarizing the book – what you can expect to find, what sort of tools I recommend and generally what […]

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