Hello there! I’m Erin, a Psychologist, Author & Course Creator.

She/Her. As Gemini as they come . I'm in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, but I conduct all my session online, usually with snoring dogs at my feet.


I was a Clinical Psychologist working in a busy beachside practice. It felt like a dream. Until it wasn't. 

What no one tells you about private practice is that there's a deeply ingrained, patriarchal culture of overworking. I was once super proud of my ability to see 9 clients a day - diagnosing, assessing, treating & drowning in mental health care plans. Until I started getting migraines and had a small stroke.

A few years later, I became a mother. With both my daughters, I experienced hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) and random pregnancy-related hearing loss. In between vomiting 20 times a day and not being able to hear, I simply couldn’t function to see clients. Add in the "blessing" of two daughters who hate sleeping, and I was a vomiting, sleep-deprived mess. My idea of 'work' simply had to change. 

In the first year of my PhD I had a small stroke (TIA). I cut right back, I quit taking the contraceptive pill (that's a whole other story!) and thought I learned my lesson. 

Then I finally found my happy place: teaching other women to burn bright without burning out.

Slow, sustainable growth means strong roots. I teach women to reject everything we’ve been taught about rushing, hustling and being too available. I LOVE my work, but I love it more when I'm not wishing I  was in the garden with my kids and my animals. 

I’ve learned that time management really is a core spiritual practice. By doing less, I actually give my clients and my family MORE. 

I encourage women to consider that you have ONE life. Is your business + life a reflection of what you value most or simply a reaction to what you think you should want? 

I put the ‘gem’ in Gemini. My office is usually outside, with snoring dogs at my feet.

My happy places: hanging with my chooks & dogs, & picking flowers with my babies

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Dr Erin Bowe is a Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist, Course Creator & Business Mentor. She's the author of: More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma, and Social Media Detox for Mums: A New Way to Find Balance

Erin hosts the weekly Mum as You Are podcast. She also teaches students from 45 countries in her mental health courses. As seen in the Sydney Morning Herald, Body & Soul, Kidspot & more.

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Piece on Mothers getting pregnant to avoid difficulties at work.

Expert Comment & Media

Sydney mum discusses the brutal impact of birth trauma. 

Panel contribution for Birth Trauma Awareness Week for Maternal Health Matters & PBB Media

Serendipity?! I published this piece before giving birth to my own 5.0kg baby in 2017

Interview about how birth professionals can help families with birth trauma. 

Burn Bright Without Burning Out, 34th Annual Homebirth Australia Conference, 2022

Practical tools for midwives and birth workers to manage burnout. *video no longer available*

conference presentation on birth trauma in partners. 

Freelance article for Essential Kids.

Expert comment on the impacts of social media & phone use on mental health.

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A selection of media appearances and some of my published articles. 




I come from a long line of shoemakers. I love shoes, but I'm usually barefoot.


I can't roll my 'R's.  No one has succeeded in teaching me. #badscottishdaughter


I talk to dogs like they are people (& often forget to say 'Hi' to their owners)


I gave birth to a 5.0kg (11.3) baby with severely stuck shoulders...without drugs (see my book!)

Not quite your Cosmo quiz, but I was a 90s teen


Favourite indulgence

I love pasta. I over gesticulate. But no Italian heritage!

controversial opinion

I don't like licorice

Guilty pleasure

Daggy dancing to 80s music 

alternate universe job:

Florist! Or Journalist for Rolling Stone

favourite place i've been:

San Sebastian. The food, the people, the dogs!

drink of choice

Currently it's a mango-macadamia smoothie

can't live without

Wild bird song & the smell of the bush

usually craving

Coffee. My kids don't sleep through the night

FAvourite words

'Wobble' & 'Petrichor'

favourite show to binge

Gilmore Girls. It's a lifestyle.

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