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Hello there!

I’m Dr Erin Bowe.

I specialise in clinical supervision, business mentoring & training for psychologists and mental health practitioners. I'm a Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). I'm here for the mental health industry rebellion. And I brought good chocolate...

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Ready to Burn Bright Without Burning Out?

I inspire women to lead by resting, reflecting & questioning. To use self-compassion to question EVERYTHING. About motherhood, business and mental health. Welcome to a slow paced, breezy, delightfully whimsical way of doing business + motherhood + life. 

here's how i can help:

Business Coaching 


I work with healers & helpers to inject soulful strategy into their business.  Work less, earn more & do a deep dive on visibility & impostor fears. 

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I write about birth, motherhood, mental health & social media. My first book, More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma is out now.

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I teach over 2700 students in 42+ countries:  birth trauma training for birth workers + social media detox for Mums & course creation for the caring professions.

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“Through working with Erin, I have become more assured and grounded within myself ” 

matilda chew, psychologist

Gemini, INFJ, & 'Rebel' Tendency Type,  I break moulds (& wine glasses) often 

I help women to make more global impact, by doing less

As a psychologist + entrepreneur, I’m the ultimate business coach & mentor. I use a compassion-focussed approach to inspire all the “I wonder” questions. Like, “am I actually having any fun with my business and mothering?”, and “do I really need to hustle & push so hard?"

About me

My Courses

Soulful Strategy

For health professionals who want to grow from shrinking violets to tall poppies. 

Course Creation for the Caring Professions

Everything I wish I knew before creating my first course!

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Social Media Detox for Mums

The non judgey guide to reducing or quitting social media for exahusted mums.

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Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

Join over 2500 birth workers in 42+ countries who are changing birth outcomes.

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More Than a Healthy Baby: Birth Trauma Parent Course

Information & coping tools for birth trauma - for parents.

Coping with Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

Get some tools & strategies to cope with anxiety & depression.

Birth Trauma in Partners

Additional training for birth workers to support partners through birth trauma.

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My latest book

Social Media Detox for Mums

A non-judgey approach to detoxing from social media. You'll get the 5 step plan I used myself to set your own goals with mental health, life and business.

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My First book

More Than a Healthy Baby

A birth trauma book which dovetails my personal and professional experience about birth trauma together in a way that’s hopeful, holistic & even humorous.

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my exciting new course!

Course Creation for the Caring Professions

Build passive income & make global impact. 

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my Top resources

5 passive income

Everything uni never taught you about how to earn money  when you're not
actually seeing clients.


 4 steps to course creation

My handy guide to 4 things you want to nail before creating your first course.


Black Maternal Mortality Crisis

I had the honour of interviewing Bruce McIntyre, partner to Amber Rose Isaac, about systemic racism in birth.



Helping women to burn bright without burning out


Creating a life and business that’s so full of genuine fun & joy that you don’t need to escape from? This is what lights me up. I use compassionate reflection and playful rebellion to help women become unstuck.  

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 I love getting pen pals!  Slow down, breathe & delight in my random, whimisical stories.

Soulful Strategy

A 10 week mastermind for Psychologists & similar professionals who are done being shrinking violets and want to be tall poppies.

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