Birth Trauma Impacts 1 in 3

Birth Trauma Impacts 1 in 3

Upwards of 15% of midwives and obstetricians are developing PTSD from vicarious trauma. The fact that black women in NYC are 12X more likely to die in birth than white women is unacceptable. BUT we can action change.

what they don't teach you about birth work?

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course outline

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course outline

Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

Dear birth worker, I see you. Getting into your car after witnessing yet another difficult birth. Gripping the wheel, pit in your stomach, holding back the tears. Maybe you’re sitting on public transport scrolling through your phone to numb out from the pain. Feeling a mixture of disbelief, fury, and shame for feeling burdened by it all.
Rehearsing over and over what you could have said, what you could have done to help a family through a traumatic birth? Preparing yourself to go back to your own kids, or maybe a partner who doesn’t get it. You whack a smile on your face and try to push through.

You’re wondering ‘how did it get to this?’ You were once so excited about babies being born, so full of joy at the privilege of being one of the first people to place your hands on a new baby. Looking into those eyes gazing into your soul, and feeling those little fingers wrap around your finger. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The nightmares, feeling rushed, bullied, and wondering when you’ll get a chance to pee, let alone work on your trauma.

I know your training didn’t prepare you for how to cope with birth trauma. Every day you’re up against people saying “do self-care!”, “we can’t change the system” or “all that matters is a healthy baby”.

Ready to change birth outcomes?


Birth isn't supposed to be like this

Birth isn't supposed to be like this...

and yet, here we are with most birth workers feeling...


Unprepared and overwhelmed that you're not sure if you're cut out for birth work. 


Fearing 'foot in mouth' syndrome - not knowing what to say, what makes trauma better or worse and how to help by staying in your lane. 


Angry at the patriarchal birthing systems that let families and the people who care for them down


Hopeful that we CAN make change to birthing outcomes, just unsure of where to begin.

“Exactly what I have been looking for ”

In terms of developing coping mechanisms to show up in my profession as a strong and adaptive midwife

— Chloe

I've been there 

Two traumatic births that changed my life

After my second birth -  a 5.0kg (11.3) baby with severe shoulder dystocia, I was *mostly* OK, but watching my doula struggle had me asking "where is the support for the birth workers?". Two weeks post partum I felt the nudge to rock the system. 

every midwife, doula & OBgyn i spoke to said "we just don't receive any birth trauma training". WHAT?! how can this be?

The babies of my babies need you. What you’re feeling is justified. You’re not weak or too sensitive. It makes you a beautiful human. Struggling to cope is a gap in skills training, it’s NOT a personal failing. You can learn these skills.

birth trauma training for birth workers


The difference between trauma & PTSD. Identify ways trauma develops by directly experiencing, witnessing or hearing about an event. Begin to understand how witnessing birth trauma impacts occupational stress and birth culture. 

The language of 'failure', coercion & control
Gender and identity inclusive language
Assess and address your biases
Language, the subconscious & birth 
Using medical terms versus client’s terms

Here's What You'll Learn

Introduction to trauma

Birth & Language

module ONE

module two

CBT and cognitive therapies
The Rewind Technique
Somatic Experiencing
EFT & more

Treatment & Support

module four

What can you do to help in the first forty eight hours after birth for your client and yourself
How to help yourself & others with difficult emotions
Debriefs and groups 
Working with partners

Healings Vs Harm

module Three


The neurobiology of trauma
A brief overview of the fight/flight/freeze/appease
How trauma affects the five senses
How trauma affects the memory systems
And how dissociation relates to trauma

What is posttraumatic growth versus resilience
Shifting from a personal failing mindset to a skill development mindset
The psychology of work and happiness
Why “I’ll be happy when I’m successful” is a myth

The Body Remembers

Phoenix Rising 

module 5

module 6

Explain what this course feature is and sharing what it will do for the student. Remember, this is about them first and foremost. You want to help them visualize how their current problem will be solved. Use the description of this specific feature to help create that visualization.

 Amazing information. I will particularly take the lesson about birth and language with me in the future.

- Rachael

“Perfect match. Erin is clearly a brilliant clinician for her field”

This additional training provides insight and tools to help support birth partners. Usually sold as a separate course for USD$37, I decided to include it as a bonus! 

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Birth Trauma in Partners


16 hours of CPD for full completion of the course. 

Birth Trauma Training is Accredited with the Australian College of Midwives

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

- Sarah

“I mean, there are basically no words! My business has totally changed!”



Comfort to have a tool kit with micro & macro coping strategies for work+life.

How does this sound?

Reassured that you know what to say, how to help, when to help & when to refer .



the results you're going to get:

Activated to be a game changer. Someone who is willing to stand up and say "no more"


Supported to know you're not alone. That there are thousands of birth workers with you. 



Yes, I'm in!

YES, I'm in!

Yes, I'm in!

“Great course, relevant reading, activities and resources.”

- Naomi 

Kind words


“Inspiring and holistic!”

- Romy

Kind words


“Above my expectations. So interesting! I have pages of notes.”

- Carol

Kind words


“ I am so happy with what I learned and can't wait to start applying it to my work.”

- Jo

Kind words


“ I found the teachings to be extremely useful.”

- Kelsey

Kind words


“Love the pace and explanation by Dr Erin. It's very clear and easy to understand”

- siti

Kind words


“Nicely paced, relatable and interesting.”

- danielle

Kind words


“This was a fantastic course!”

- lyndell

Kind words


“Well-organized, thoughtful, evidence-based, and articulate. Thanks, Dr. Bowe!”

- anna

Kind words


“ I never really thought about my own self care needs in relation to trauma before this.”

- e jackson

Kind words


“Really impressed with resources section and overall a great amount of info.”

- carly

Kind words


“Thorough and up to date information presented in a professional yet friendly way.”

- kirrah

Kind words


“Feeling very blessed to have found this course.”

- joanne

Kind words


The work you do here has the power to impact so many families

let's get started!

“I have done lots of work on my own first birth. But nothing like this...”

I feel this should be more widely used as a form of prevention for people working in this industry. Like any other prerequisite.


how training helps

“There really isn't anything else like this course in the world. ”

This topic isn't spoken about enough, I  urge every birth worker to do this course.  You will learn heaps of applicable tools to your role. Thank you Dr Erin for making this course


“A gorgeous course that truly helped me understand so much about birth trauma ”

Dr Erin is so passionate about the subject and making a difference in the lives of those with trauma. She is gentle, kind and so knowledgeable on the subject. I'm really happy I purchased this course!  


You are the difference between someone having a difficult birth and developing trauma, versus having a difficult birth and learning to thrive in spite of it. I REALLY want you to stay in birth work if that is your goal. We need birth workers who bring humanity and compassion. People like you who are willing to do the work on themselves so that they can be that strong container for someone else. 

How you show up in the birth space is directly or indirectly making a difference not just for one birthing person, but their baby and their family. 

You're in the right place.

“ People will never forget how you made them feel”

— Maya Angelou

“This gave me so many aha moments”

in easy to understand language, great content all with humour and compassion. Loved it!


how training helps

“This first 40 minutes has been invaluable to me. ”

 When Dr. Bowe said, "I don't have time for that, versus, I don't value that in this moment. See how that feels." That to me was so powerful! Excited to get in to the rest of this course!


“You have a way with words that makes me so excited to gain these skills.  ”

We do all have trauma, and I am excited to have these skills as a mother to teach my children, to have these skills so I can be a good friend to others, tools to take care of myself, and to help clients.


“I feel like it has inspired hope.”

 It is easy to watch. I like Dr Erin’s realness and her no BS approach


“This course is incredible...”

I’m only half way through and getting so much out of it.... so many light bulb moments and nuggets of gold. Will definitely be listening through a couple more times.


“I really love it. It was easy to follow ”

As a new midwife it has opened my eyes that not only to look after women and their families but also my own self.


Feel confident & capable in your role as an emotional first responder

Understand the difference between 'big T' trauma & 'little T' trauma & trauma as a continuum.

Develop a set of coping tools to set you up for life which you can then teach clients, your kids & anyone who'll listen

Have an appreciation for the incredible personal & professional growth that can (with time) come from trauma.

Align your thoughts, words and behaviours to create the strength & growth. 

Find lightness in without making light of trauma.

By the end of training you will...

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This is perfect time, I am in the beginning of my journey of being a birth doula and have attend two home births. 

- karina

“I'm so happy to be here and learning about this!”



that I knew I hadwhilst also informing me about areas I had no idea I ought to know about!

- aimee

“It has filled in gaps in my knowledge ”



I highly recommend to all birth workers.

- myriam

“This course was fantastic!!! ”



Really enjoyed the course. Was a great overview of trauma , and it challenged my thoughts and feelings towards the subject.

- claire

“I feel more equipped to care for myself & others experiencing birth trauma. ”



This course is a good match for me. I love how everything is explained in a way that is understandable and easy to apply in real life situations.

- Raeyven

“I love how everything is explained in a way that is understandable ”



 for yourself, and resulting in ongoing positive outcomes for birthing families. Highly recommended the training. 

- lisa

“Brilliant training from Erin on improving your own awareness”



Gave meaning and direction for some of my concerns and avenues to address them. 

- karen

“Very thought provoking. Amazing”



As a midwife really explained good points on birth trauma and how to deal with it. 

- wendy

“Really loved this course! ”



I now have more confidence in supporting women and their families in my professional role and also have some key tips for self-care. Thank you

- anthea

“So helpful, both personally and professionally. ”



I have only completed the first section but Erin has me captivated and I can't wait to jump into the course content. 

- kate

“She makes me excited to learn!”



And how a birth workers role fits into this setting. Thanks for the great resource you’ve shared through the course.

- shelley

“This put lots of pieces together about birth trauma and ptsd”



Am finding the content thought provoking and encouraging. Will definitely need to listen to it again and chew on the hard bits.

- melissa

“Feeling hopeful. ”



 to better support and direct clients to the right resources through all the they may be experiencing.

- julie

“Gave me the tools and opportunity to build my confidence.”



 It was above my expectation, that this course is actually aimed at helping me work through some emotional baggage that I carry,  

- melissa

“Gave me the tools and opportunity to build my confidence.”



Free Birth Trauma Resources

I have 6+ years of birth trauma content that I've created - blogs, interviews, videos with tips and more. Every year Birth Trauma Awareness Week rolls around it occurs to me that I should list them all in one place! 

So whether you are a parent looking for some info and strategies or a birth worker or perinatal professional, you'll likely find something useful here. 

yes please!

I'm Doctor Erin Bowe

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Course Creator, Educator, Supervisor, Podcaster, Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). Slight Overachiever.  brought good chocolate...

more about me

Hello there!

If Not You, Then Who?

When I first launched Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers, I did exactly what business coaches recommended I do - approach other businesses. The few who actually responded mostly said 'no'. Are you surprised? I wasn't. Most midwives are lucky to get a free pizza after a difficult shift, let alone training or support.
When I switched to focussing on selling to individuals everything changed. Is it good enough that workplaces won't invest in trauma training? Absolutely not. However, activists, empaths and change makers know that we don't improve birth outcomes while waiting for permission and a hand-graved invitation. 

There is so much power in simply showing up to do the work.

i didn't want to be the poster girl for birth trauma

This course is unique because...

I have 12+ years of professional experience

Supporting families through trauma to find growth, strength and beautiful resilience they never knew possible. I now have 3 birth trauma specific courses and teach students in over 40 countries. I've also written a book on birth trauma, More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma. 
I previously taught childbirth education with Hypnobirthing Australia and have written and provided expert comment for the Sydney Morning Herald, Kidspot, Essential Baby, Essential Kids and others. In 2020 I was a finalist in 2 categories for the AusMumpreneur Awards for my birth trauma work. 

I also have the lived, personal experience of two traumatic briths of my own

When I'm teaching you about trauma and posttraumatic growth, I'm able to speak direct from the source. I had the professional training, I hired a doula, I did hypnobirthing, read everything by Michel Odent and Sarah Buckley and watched the Business of Being Born. I did ALL the things to prepare for the most gentle births possible, and I still experienced birth trauma. 
I’ve used these experiences as a conduit for personal growth and strength. I wanted the tools that helped me to be as accessible as possible.
I believe that trauma can actually be your biggest teacher. It might not feel like it now, but having survived this experience has the potential to really transform you. To see just how strong and capable you are.

learn at your own pace

optimize for your learning style


25% affiliate payment

Everything you need to be that emotional first responder.

A Psychologist isn't (typically) the first person someone sees after a traumatic birth. It's the midwives, doulas, obstetricians, nurses, lactation consultants, yoga teachers (& so many others!) who are holding that space. 

Know that you are changing birth outcomes

Feel confident with what to say & how to help

Learn to see trauma as your biggest teacher

Finally have a tool kit of coping strategies to soothe trauma - to pass on to clients, colleagues & your kids :)

Support families to achieve posttraumatic growth

Feel so proud of yourself for investing in your own personal & professional growth

Invest in yourself, your clients and birth culture as a whole. 

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This is for you if:

You want to change birth outcomes

You're looking to become a certified trauma practitoner

YOu care about maternal outcomes

YOU'RE NOT WILLING to do the work

you're willing to work on yourself

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE hoping this is a replacement for therapy

make impact toDay

So what are you waiting for?

When does the course start/finish? 

The course is evergreen so you can enrol at anytime and learn at your own pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

The total video content is just over 3 hours. The self-directed assessments, reading  reflection - 16 hours. 

I've had my own traumatic birth, where should I start?

More than a Healthy Baby - the parent course & book are designed for parents to get support. 

I'm interested in doing what you do - what pathways are there?

I recommend you read this blog post about working in birth trauma support 

Will this course certify me in birth trauma counselling or therapy?

No,  this course is not a qualifying course to become a counsellor or other professional.

I can't access my course, forgot my login or have a support question

Your best bet is to click 'forgot password' 
See specific FAQ here.  

I finished the full 16 hours & am ready for my certificate

Send a request to dr.erinbowe@gmail.com. I issue these myself at the end of each month

How do I become an affiliate?

I pay 25% of your course fee back when you sign up other people using your unique link, Sign up is easy. Follow instructions HERE


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If you've read through the FAQ and still have questions, feel free to contact me. I work 2 days a week, so will aim to answer my inbox on those days. 

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