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Mum as you are is a place for self-compassionate reflection to use what you have within you, right now as you are, perfectly imperfect to find your way through motherhood.  





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Ready to replace numbing and escapism with true, meaningful fun?

Mum as You are is my bite sized, unfancy and unplanned podcast. In weekly episodes of 15 minutes or less, I share a roadmap for finding your way back to self-compassion. 

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I put the ‘gem’ in Gemini. I work10-ish hours a week with snoring dogs at my feet.

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I'm Doctor Erin Bowe

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Course Creator, Educator, Supervisor, Podcaster, Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). Slight Overachiever. I’m here for the mental health industry rebellion. And I brought good chocolate...

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Bite Sized Bits of Fun on the Run

The core message of Mum as You Are is to stop judging ourselves and engaging in comparisonitis, instead, we ask “ Am I having true fun? Who Am I outside of being Mum?"

looking for my other podcast?

Birth Trauma Training

Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers - the podcast which I hosted 2019 - 2020 can be found below. 

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