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each year that birth trauma awareness week rolls around it occurs to me that I have 6+ years of birth trauma content I've produced and it might be worthwhile sticking it all in one place!

Before you delve into any of the below I want you to know that birth trauma processing is a complex issue and sometimes it's tempting to make things seems simple by posting inspirational quotes or handing out what my supervisor calls 'dead fish'. As in, a tool or piece of advice that sort of helps or seems useful at the time but doesn't provide enough to make lasting change.  There's no replacement for good therapy and mentoring, but resources do help. My paid resources are More Than a Healthy Baby, Birth Trauma Tools to Cope, Birth Trauma online course for parents and Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

For birth trauma debriefs, therapy and mentoring/supervision see my calendar 

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Free Resources


Tools & strategies for birth trauma

EFT tapping for birth trauma

Power breaths for anger, anxiety and trauma

3 tips to help with birth trauma - using the acronym AIM (allow, integrate, make meaning)

4 tips to soften the blow of birth trauma in the immediate aftermath using the acronym FINE (future focus, integrate, newborn smell, and engage support)

Interviews & education


What 'counts' as birth trauma?
Easily one of the most frequently asked questions I receive every week. 

Can birth debriefs make trauma worse?

EMDR for birth trauma

Birth trauma and the fawn response

So, you want a career in birth trauma or perinatal?

This is a post I wrote to answer a lot of the questions I receive every week - "how do I do what you do?", "what's the best path to take?", and "do I need a psych degree to work with birth trauma?"


screening, assessment & Research

City Birth Trauma Scale
Is the one I tend to use for clinical practice as it correlates with dsm-5 criteria

other resources 

All that matters is a healthy husband (or why birth matters)
I refer to this article on podcasts a lot, and I mentioned it in my book. When we talk about a 'healthy baby is all that matters' contrast that with a  wedding where things do go to plan - culturally, we tend to give far more empathy for a rainy day or a stain on a wedding dress than a traumatic birth!

Your guide to writing a letter of complaint - Sharon Stoliar
Sharon is a midwife who experienced birth trauma and went on to become and advocate. Also see her book, Scars of Gold

More to come as I update this list :)

Articles about playing Tetris (as a way of taxing working memory - which is a technique in EMDR) to reduce birth trauma symptoms  here and here