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Let’s Get You Feeling Great Again

Working on yourself is some of the best money you'll ever spend. The tools you learn here get passed down to your children. The insights you discover shape you into becoming the strong, compassionate ancestor we'd all like to have. 

I use evidence-based tools that work (EMDR, CBT, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, ACT, DBT & others)

Plus a BIG dose of down to earth humour, warmth & relatability. 

How ItWorks

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i know how to help because i've been there

8 years ago, I was exhausted  & completely overwhelmed

I had hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) in all my pregnancies. I've experienced miscarriage and birth trauma - twice!
Neither of my kids slept through the night no matter what techniques I tried. I know what it's like to cry all the time. To feel like you're failing at mum life!

But now I know what helps

Meet Erin

Here’s What Helps


That it's normal to not love every minute of motherhood. You can be grateful AND still be having a really hard time.


Being kind to yourself when you feel like you're failing doesn't come easily. It's a lot easier to find self-compassion when you have someone to teach you.

practical tools

In my therapy, there's a lot of reflecting and 'being' but there's also a lot of 'doing'. You'll learn actual tools for managing trauma, anxiety and stress. 

Top things I help clients with


Infertility, pregnancy loss & grief 


Feelings of failure & being lost in motherhood


Birth Trauma: I've had 2 myself, then created 2 books, 2 courses & a podcast


Trauma, anxiety & depression 


Parental burnout, mum rage & overwhelm

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Services & Fees

Standard Fee: $285AU 

With an eligible GP Mental Health Care Plan you'll get a rebate of 85% 
If you reach the Extended Medicare safety net it may be more. 

You'll take a photo of your receipt and be able to claim through the Medicare app

Private Health Rebates will depend on your policy - please contact your insurer for specific information.

Note that you can claim for Medicare OR private health, not both

 I do not bulk bill sessions. 

What steps to take?

Book a LONGER appointment with your GP and get your referral and Mental Health Care Plan

Once you have these documents you can take a picture or scan a copy and send it to me securely when booking. 

You will need regular check-ins with your GP to review how you're going and top up your plan if needed

After session 5/6 book a review session with your GP

I need to write need to brief progress letter to your GP and request additional sessions as needed. 

You will need to book a review session with your GP at this time. 

Your GP will then grant access to further sessions if needed. This paperwork will then need to be sent to me again.

NOTE: The MAX number of Medicare sessions you can claim per calendar year is now 10. 

Don't want or need a GP referral?

You can either try your private health insurance or self-fund your sessions.  

Outside of Australia? 

Note, insurance prohibits psychologists in Australia from providing therapy to USA or Canada (so you'd need to book coaching instead)

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This isn't your one stop shop for generic counselling.  I'm a Senior Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor with 14 years experience. 

I only work with a handful of suitable clients each month to ensure my calendar and my energy stays in balance. 

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Birth Trauma Resources

I have 6+ years of birth trauma content that I've created - blogs, interviews, videos with tips and more. Every year Birth Trauma Awareness Week rolls around it occurs to me that I should list them all in one place! 

So whether you are a parent looking for some info and strategies or a birth worker or perinatal professional, you'll likely find something useful here. 

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My Books

I'm the author of More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma, and Social Media Detox for Mums: A New Way to Find Balance

If my calendar is full, or you want to see what sort of tools I offer first, you can check out my mental health courses. 

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