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I'm the author of More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma, and Social Media Detox for Mums: A New Way to Find Balance

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Finding Strength and Growth After Birth Trauma

More than a healthy baby

A real call to action for post traumatic growth

More Than a Healthy Baby dovetails author Dr Erin Bowe’s personal and professional experience about birth trauma together in a way that’s hopeful, holistic and even humorous.

Validating, supporting and encouraging readers in this heartfelt call to action, by clinical and perinatal psychologist, Dr Erin Bowe, seamlessly delivers her passion and advocacy for post traumatic growth through the pages of More Than a Healthy Baby.

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delightfully unexpected 

you’ll come away feeling lighter 

Offering tips for breastfeeding trauma, sourcing holistic support, vicarious trauma in partners as well as strategies to help with overwhelm and difficult emotions and thoughts.

There’s room for serious reconsideration to what health means, particularly when it comes to birth trauma.

“So much love drips from these pages.”

So much compassion, coupled with holistic strategies. A beautiful book,  written by a woman who cares deeply for those who suffer trauma in the perinatal period. 

— mars lord,  doula, birth activist

I've been there...twice

I never thought I'd be the poster girl for birth trauma

I was a perinatal psychologist, I trained in Hypnobirthing, I hired a doula...I did all the things to prepare for my births, and yet I still experienced two traumatic births. 

So i created the book i would want to read

There’s room for serious reconsideration to what health means, particularly when it comes to birth trauma. This book will show you the way to really discover self compassion and the confidence to celebrate your growth.
You'll feel acknowledged and understood and your trauma can be accounted for.

more than a healthy baby


Validation, support and feeling understood.

support is on the way

Practical coping tools to suit a wide range of preferences and individual needs



what the book covers:

Expert insights and guidance about the systems of birth and postpartum


How to know where your level of trauma 'fits' within a spectrum


How to find incredible growth and strength in spite of what happened


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Erin is real and so is her book. I love her sweary book. I felt like fist pumping on the one hand and joining her expletives on the other.

- Professor Hannah Dahlen

Kind words

“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


“A life-line, a buoy, a ‘you are not alone’ safe place to look at your trauma with an eye to the healing you could do”

Erin is the wounded healer, the one who knows from her own experience. The one who can empathize and relate. A woman the Earth needs now

Weaving her own traumatic birth stories and healing journey through the book, she shares what she learned and what tools she found helpful. This is tool kit from a trauma specialist, and a mother who used them.

— Jane Hardwicke Collings

Former Homebirth Midw

Jane Hardwicke Collings, former midwife & women's mysteries teacher

Kind words

“Here is an important voice in the scope of birth trauma.”

 Dr Erin Bowe is speaking to all mothers. An inspiring tool for mamas to help reclaim power that was unfairly taken from them in the birth space and beyond. The teachings in this book are revolutionary.

— Amberley Harris

Amberley harris, maternal instincts

“It's fabulous.”

Every page I read is helping me put my birth experience into perspective.

Bec McQUEEN, birth sense australia

Everything in the book I cover about information, further info and support (including demonstrations of coping tools) is also available in a short course. 

More Than a Healthy Baby: Parent Course

matching course

“ Experiencing and recovering from birth trauma is hard but More Than a Healthy Baby shows it doesn't have to be all darkness and shadow.”

Feel validated in knowing that a birth is traumatic if you say it is.

Understand that most family members, friends,  even health care professionals aren't taught how to help

Develop a sense of compassion & se potential for growth...despite what you've been through

Feel less alone in the knowledge that birth trauma impacts 1 in 3 

Develop a set of coping tools for trauma & for life

Feel SEEN by someone who actually gets you & what you're going through :)

with this book, you will...

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Dr Erin has a wonderful, peaceful way with words that puts a refreshing look on a difficult subject. After doing her online course, I purchased this book to read and then gifted it to a friend who had recent birth trauma. Dr Erin talks about the things we need society to understand when it comes to birthing women and the implications. She helped me to feel seen and understood at a time where I felt so lost. I would recommend this to any friend who experiences birth trauma.


“A beautiful place to start.”



As a psychologist and mother, I was delighted by 'More Than a Healthy Baby'. Erin has provided personal insights as someone who has survived and thrived following traumatic births in the most genuine and humbling manner. This book made me laugh, brought tears to my eyes and were the words I wish I had heard following my own traumatic birth. A wonderful, evidence-based resources for all birthing parents.


“Raw, generous and full of heart”



I laughed and cried within the first few pages. A really helpful book for people that need it.


“Such a wonderful book”



An amazing book that will of a great support on your journey to peel off the layers of layers of your own trauma as well as it will give tools to be a much more responsive support person to someone who has experienced a birth trauma.
Erin's language is full of ALIVE. Her sense of humour is SPARKLING. She is REAL in her statements and suggestions.
Absolutely recommended book.


“Uplifting. Real. Healing.”



This book is so beautifully written - its friendly and relatable, informative and valuable, and most importantly for any woman who has experienced birth trauma - hopeful.
Not only does Dr Bowe write from her experience as a Clinical Psychologist, she also shares her own personal story, and this is what makes the book really special.


“A wonderful read”



I’m Dr Erin Bowe.

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Course Creator, Educator, Supervisor, Podcaster, Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). Slight Overachiever.  brought good chocolate...

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Hello there!

Official bio

Dr Erin Bowe is a clinical and perinatal psychologist and business coach in Victoria, Australia. Erin had two traumatic births which led her to follow her purpose and passion of encouraging people to find strength and growth after trauma.

She is fervent about empowering women and their families through pregnancy and parenthood through birth debriefing, perinatal counselling, birth trauma training and clinical supervision and is a provider of Australia’s leading childbirth education course with former Hypnobirthing Australia.

For all media enquiries, press releases or to request permission for use of content from More Than a Healthy Baby, please email your request to publisher@thekindpress.com

The inspiration for parents to become the guardians of change for the next generation

Experiencing and recovering from birth trauma is hard but More Than a Healthy Baby shows it doesn't have to be all darkness and shadow.






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This book will show you the way to really discover self compassion and the confidence to celebrate your growth.

feel acknowledged and understood