1:1 mentoring

Let’s Build a Business that's more YOU

Is your business a true reflection or you? Or is it a reaction to (a) not wanting to piss someone off, (b) wanting to stay small and safe in your "this is just how it's done" story, (c)  witch wounds & impostor fears?

real talk:

Isn't it time you finally built that course, wrote that book and scaled back your 1:1 work? A burnout-resistant business with is waiting for you. 

How much global impact are you making by just doing 1:1 work in your office? Aren’t you exhausted?  Approaching (or well past) burnout? Do you have time for rest and other projects? You CAN slow down, and scale back while helping more people. You can even get paid while taking a break! 

You don’t have to feel so alone

How ItWorks

strategy assessment

We discuss what you need, where you want to get to and what's blocking you. A one-off or a series.

book a package

Baby steps. Most people use 6-12 sessions for epic growth. No percentile chart required ;)

i hold your hand

And kick your bum. A little. I'm part scary Russian gymnastics coach, part Nonna from Pasta Grannies

i know how to help because i did it all the hard way

Six years ago, I was exhausted, puking & overwhelmed

What I needed was someone to say "you don't need to get up at 4AM. You don't need to hustle. You don't need to spend all this time chasing followers. You can slow down". I've waded through rivers of bropreneur BS to get here. Chuck your Gary V book in the bin and let's find a more nourishing way.

We lead by resting 

Here’s What Helps

More time for content you own

Stop wasting your time pointing at words & making algorithm restricted content for white dudes in Silicon Valley. Focus on content you actually own!

Less 1:1 work, more global impact

Translate what you do into books, courses & other passive income. Become a lighthouse & support thousands of people who are OCEANS away.

ask "i wonder..."

"...how would it would feel to just be myself in my business?", "how I could leave the world a better place when not everyone can access 1:1 sessions?"

“Erin’s honesty and keeping-it-real stance has opened my world to be authentic with myself.”

- matilda Chew, clinical psychologist

How does this sound?

what I help clients with


Reduce or merge out of a business that's mostly 1:1 work


Wake up to PayPal payments even if you're sick, on holiday or people cancel


Work globally & get seen by more people


Kick those imposter fears & self doubt in the bum & feel confident


Learn how to find space for fun, play, rest & permission not to be useful 24/7

Katie Parker, Perinatal Social Worker & Motherhood Mentor

“I always leave feeling confident, inspired & like I know what my next steps are.”

"Erin is incredibly down-to-earth and gives honest, practical and very helpful advice. She completely puts me at ease during our sessions together and I have felt safe to work through some of my fears and self-doubt when it comes to my private practice. We always have a good laugh -  I would highly recommend working with her"


“I have subsequently overhauled my work life and have stepped out of one role completely.”

Erin provides a safe space to explore and identify goals for working more in line with your values, and speaking with your own authenticity... I've immersed myself in where my psychology passions lie at present, something I know would have taken longer without the space to reflect on what was right for me (and my family).

rebecca mcqueen, Perinatal mental health nurse & childbirth educator

“I was getting lost in my own business, and found it so hard to see what was really going on. Erin gave me the clarity I was seeking .”

"She helped me sharpen up my messages and most importantly, helped me to see the blind spots that needed to be uncovered. Thanks Erin, I really owe you one - you got me out of my biz rut, and I’ll be seeing you again in the near future, so I can continue to stay open eyed and on the right track."

Is This Right For You?

You want to grow your passive income


YOu want a business that feels more 'you'

You'Re exhausted from constant 1:1 work

you're ready for a burnout resilient business

is that a yes?

Book Yourself In

I offer high-end mentoring for people in health/helping professions who are ready to shift from shrinking violets to tall poppies.  I only work with a handful of people . You MUST be emotionally and financially ready to commit to this style of mentoring. 

book in

A 10 week mastermind for Psychologists & similar professionals who are done being shrinking violets and want to be tall poppies

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“Erin's gentle yet direct style has challenged & held me accountable in a safe & containing way”

Dr Lisa Gusciora
clinical-perinatal psychologist