Soulful Strategy

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Soulful Strategy 

Soulful Strategy will launch again in 2022. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to stay updated.

What is it?

A unique group mentoring program for Psychologists (and other mental health professionals!). It’s for professionals who are sick of being shrinking violets and want to be tall poppies.

It’s for mental health professionals who are asking themselves the question: Is my business a reflection of who I am, or is the way I operate a reaction to people I don’t want to upset?

I KNOW that there are professionals who are looking to step into more holistic healing, heartfelt business and luscious leadership. Who want to be doing less 1:1 work and KNOW they need to diversify their offerings, but feel daunted by breaking the mold of what it is we were trained to do.

In the last 8 years of supervising psychologists, these are the conversations that have always come up again and again, so I decided it was time to put together a group! There is more to supervision and mentorship than case formulations and the ‘how to’ of private practice. 


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to keep going when burnout and compassion fatigue are calling? 
  • Are you curious about crossing over into content creation, coaching and more creativity?
  • Are you stubbornly hanging on to the model of running a private practice funded almost entirely by Medicare referrals? If the Better Access scheme was cancelled today, would your business survive? 
  • Does the digital world of social media, podcasting, YouTube, and online course creation scare the sh*t out of you but you know it’s time to get over yourself? (or ignore the voices of other professionals telling you that it is just for Narcissists?)
  • Are you limiting your success because you’re too afraid to change, be more visible or take up more space?
  • Do you crave more conversations and connections with other light workers, witches, shamans and healers who, like you, are hiding behind a professional title so as not to not upset the status quo? P.S., if you are not into crystals and oracle cards that’s ok, one of my founding members isn’t either, but she is a beautiful ally, not a bully and this is all we ask of you too
  • Are you tired of working in a model that insists we need to diagnose people in order to support them?
  • Are you struggling to attract ideal clients because your safe, sterile branding and online presence isn’t inspiring them? 

What I teach

Mindset work. Community building and support. Venting. Questioning. Validating.

Start questioning who it is you want to be, and how you want to show up in your business.

I’ll teach you some very general baby steps in strategy. How do make money from things other than booking clients.

What I learned from teaching the beta group in Sept 2020 was that people really needed more time to breathe and let ideas marinade before implementing.

Soulful Strategy will absolutely be offered as a paid mastermind in 2021, this is just the warm up to see if it’s for you. The free version will continue to grow and develop even if you never want to continue to the mastermind 🙂 

It took me YEARS to learn this stuff. Mostly from marketers, coaches and people who knew their stuff but really didn’t understand the limitations with AHPRA, or the ways that mental health practitioners are literally trained to be invisible.

The deep fears that come up when people in our industry use the words ‘narcissistic’, ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unethical’ to describe things they simply don’t like/approve of/understand or fear. 

At the mo I’m on a deep dive experiment into seeing what it’s like without social media. To test the often untested belief I have that I “must” have social media in order to grow a business. So far the results are FASCINATING. I’ve actually made more money from my online courses SINCE STOPPING social media!!!! 

 I’ll be updating my blog 

 EMAIL ME to get regular tips and register your interest for the next round AND while you are at it, download my free guide to passive income for mental health professionals HERE

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Looking for help with Marketing or Money Manifesting and Multiple streams of income?

I don’t often reccommend other courses (and I’ve taken a LOT in the last 15 years)

The only marketing course I’d reccommend that I’ve actually found to make a difference is Star Sales by Leonie Dawson. Such a breath of fresh air. Leonie is an Aussie Mum who so happens to be a multimillionnaire 

Her money manifesting course is another one I took that I’d rate. 

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