visibility coaching

Dimming your light to fit in?

Staying small to keep safe, worrying that people think you're 'showing off' or have an amazing idea but can't seem to get on video and actually communicate it? Every time you say "I can't do that!" someone who needs your support says "I can't find that"

things to read

6 signs you're struggling with visibility

Sneaky ways visibility fears show up in your business

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Your business coat of arms

The things that come to mind when people think of you. This is your brand essence. How do you find it? 


8 Newbie Perintal Business Mistakes

One of my favourite things about coaching women through setting up a new perinatal business is that we can quickly catch sabotaging. 

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real talk:

Isn't it time you let people SEE you?

How much global impact are you making by hiding and doing 1:1 work in your office? Procrastinating instead of making that video or starting that podcast or responding to media call outs all because you think you're not good enough?

You don't have to feel so alone in figuring this out

A is for anxiety...

I've been where you are and have my original cringe-worthy first video to prove it! Back in 2017 my first video for my business was literally titled 'A for Anxiety'. My Hypnobirthing trainer set me a 'fun' terrifying challenge to 'be more visible'. Literally, an Introvert's nightmare! You can my deer in the headlights video here if you really want to see it! 

Fast forward to 2020 where I spoke on a Birth Trauma Awareness panel which got over 16, ooo views!

How much global impact are you making by hiding and doing 1:1 work in your office? Procrastinating instead of making that video or starting that podcast or responding to media call outs all because you think you're not good enough?

How ItWorks

find your starting point

We'll work out a good starting point based on your window of tolerance & goals

take one step

Action one goal you want to achieve - like a short video for your website. We'll break it down & get it DONE in session (group or 1:1)

i hold your hand

And we strategize. I'll review your website, photos, content & branding & suggest how to make it more YOU while you practise, practise get more confident & comfortable

who am i to lead you?

Let's get visible...visible
(imagine my best Olivia Newton John voice, but maybe without the spandex)

I'm a Clinical Psychologist - I GET people and their blocks deeply. I took my fear and launched 7 online courses, 2 books, 2 podcasts and a slew of media and guest speaking appearances. I still do these things despite quitting socials 2.5 years ago! 

You CAN do this

Here’s What We Do

get the content created in session

Stop wasting time getting ready to get ready or feeling awkward. Let's just press 'record' and we'll get it done in a relaxed (ish!) setting

use your voice, words & non verbals

Let me help you see what you do well, and we'll amplify it. Fish can't see water as the saying goes...let me SEE you & I'll guide you where your strengths are

create branding that feels more 'You'

We'll use my discerning eye (as well as AI) to look over your website, photos & copy & see where we can capture more of you to appeal to the right audience

How does this sound?

what I help clients with


Actually get yourself on video & walk away with something to share or upload


Stop comparing yourself to others & instead bring the best of yourself


Find the places where you shine in your zone of excellence


Kick those imposter fears & self doubt in the bum & feel confident


Learn how to use your voice, photos, branding, words you write to all feel authentic

Katie Parker, Perinatal Social Worker & Motherhood Mentor

“I always leave feeling confident, inspired & like I know what my next steps are.”

"Erin is incredibly down-to-earth and gives honest, practical and very helpful advice. She completely puts me at ease during our sessions together and I have felt safe to work through some of my fears and self-doubt when it comes to my private practice. We always have a good laugh -  I would highly recommend working with her"


“I have subsequently overhauled my work life and have stepped out of one role completely.”

Erin provides a safe space to explore and identify goals for working more in line with your values, and speaking with your own authenticity... I've immersed myself in where my psychology passions lie at present, something I know would have taken longer without the space to reflect on what was right for me (and my family).

rebecca mcqueen, Perinatal mental health nurse & childbirth educator

“I was getting lost in my own business, and found it so hard to see what was really going on. Erin gave me the clarity I was seeking .”

"She helped me sharpen up my messages and most importantly, helped me to see the blind spots that needed to be uncovered. Thanks Erin, I really owe you one - you got me out of my biz rut, and I’ll be seeing you again in the near future, so I can continue to stay open eyed and on the right track."

This is for you if:

you're ready to stop procrastinating

You struggle with severe anxiety/mental ill-health

YOu respond to gentle feedback

YOU'RE looking for  social media or marketing training

you're open & ready for self-reflection

It's probably not for you if...

you're hoping to sit with your camera off

is that a yes?

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“Erin's gentle yet direct style has challenged & held me accountable in a safe & containing way”

Dr Lisa Gusciora
clinical-perinatal psychologist

What if I can't make it to sessions? Will everything be recorded?

All calls are on Zoom. Everything is recorded, but obviously I can't give feedback if you aren't there! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a 'practitioner' as such?

That's fine. Working with health & perinatal practitioners just happens to be my jam.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, email me at dr.erinbowe@gmail.com to discuss further

How many sessions is the group?

15 total for the standard package (3 individual with me & 12 group calls). The more personalised package has 9 calls with me, 12 with the group.

Are you going to put me on the spot or make me do anything weird?

There's no weird tricks. No request for you to dance or point at words. LOL. We'll work out what you're comfortable with.

Do I need to be on social media?

Up to you! The focus is on how to get comfortable beeing seen. You choose the platform or place you wish to show up. 

When does the group start and finish?

I run this coaching all year so you can enter at any point. Hopefully that stops you procrastinating! 

What date & times are the calls?

Full details will be provided soon.  At this stage calls are usually on a Thursday in business hours AEST. All calls are recorded. 

How much time do I need to commit?

I suggest 90 mins to 2 hours a week to work on mindset goals & get the practical homework done. If you stop faffing on Instagram it will happen :D

What if I'm not an Introvert?

Are you caring & respecting of different energy levels? then YES we'd love to have you 

Do you offer a refund?

Yes. If after 7 days you decide this program is not your vibe then you're welcome to get a refund 

How is this different to other visibility coaching?

The energy is chill, & supportive but also productive. I'm a Clin Psych & trauma trained, not just 'informed'.  I have 10+ years coaching women in perinatal businesses. I also have the 'chops' from course creation, podcasting, media work, speaking gigs & book publishing. The other major point of difference is that help you create content in sessions.

What if I'm not ready to even show up in a group?

We'll work with your window of tolerance.  Let's just have a chat. I'm super emapthic & can help you figure out where to start

I'm not sure I can afford it

Don't put yourself in debt. However, notice if it's a money block excuse. We make content in sessions. 2 hours with me is like 12 hours of figuring it out alone

Do I get lieftime access?

You get 6 months access. This is live coaching rather than pre-recorded vids. You have the option to continue your membership beyond 6 months.

What's the value stack?

3 calls with me (or 9 for upgrade)
12 group calls
personalised website, content & branding review
in session content creation
edited video snippets sent to you (where applicable)
discounts on my courses
community away from social media

My Books

I'm the author of More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma, and Social Media Detox for Mums: A New Way to Find Balance