Build your passive income & make global impact

Time to build your passive income & make global impact

Forbes estimates that the online course market with be worth over 350 billion in 2025 (& these are pre-pandemic stats). Every health practitioner needs a course in their tool belt of offerings. 

thought about creating a course?

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Course Creation for the Caring Professions

So…we’re now well past 12 months since the pandemic hit. You’ve moved your business online, got super busy and now you’re exhausted and burned out AF. Every time someone says 'pivot' you have a full on Pavlovian reaction (swear, eye roll, sigh...pick your poison!)

It doesn't have to be overwhelming to transfer your skills into an online course. Learn from a psychologist who went from 1 sale to 2000 sales in less than 12 months!

Ready for your life to change?


You need a course because...

You need a course because...

Only offering 1:1 work isn't scaleable


Global impact (I have students in 45 countries!). Instead of hitting a ceiling with 1:1 sessions, you build a course once, tweak, test, polish then leave it. 


Helps people who can’t afford sessions, are on a waitlist or want to consolidate what they learn between sessions. 


Establish your niche and expertise quickly, while earning extra income. 


Sharing knowledge & tools that change people's lives and improves health outcomes is important.  

would it surprise you to know...

It took me 2 years to build my first course

Mostly because I got the wrong advice from the wrong professionals. White bropreneurs in hoodies who worked 60 hours a week. Who didn't understand AHPRA guidelines or why, after getting up to kids in the night I wouldn't want to get up at 4AM to "just smash out a course"

i couldn't find a relevant health professional to teach me to build & sell courses, so i did it all myself the hard way.

What if you could learn from someone who gets it? This is the course I'd offer myself if I could get in a delorean and go back in time. Learn from my mistakes - you get to be Marty McFly with the almanac & I'll be Doc.

course creation for the caring professions


An introduction to the world of online course creation for the caring professions. The 4 steps to choosing and creating an idea. Everything from choosing a good title, listening really carefully to your audience and how to get started building a sales page. 

start sales page & script

How to present materials for different learning styles
Creating systems: dates, tasks, and timelines.
The actual spreadsheets and checklists I use for each of my courses. 
Goals, accountability & self sabotage

Here's What You'll Learn

Why You Need a Course


module ONE

module two

A brief guide to DIY audio, video & written materials
Create checklists, worksheets, e-books, use transcripts & a teleprompter
Under the hood of my courses 
Payments & platforms
Freaking out? Let's deal with it
 create that visualization.

Tech & Creating

module four

Build it and they will come, right? No! This is a course, not a jacuzzi (yes, I like Muppets & random references to popular misquoted movie lines!).
How to build an audience & why your followers mean sweet FA if you don't even own your own content. How to invest your time wisely in building community.

Audience Building

module Three


Six degrees of organic Kevin Bacon - my best marketing tips (most of which are free!!!)
Create emails, blogs & warm up materials 
Banish the beige on your sales page
Testimonials for the terrified health practitioner.

Launch & Marketing

module 5

Reduce your 9-5 income & make income on non-work days


Make global impact, serving people who live anywhere in the world



Being able to

Support your clients beyond sessions


Reduce burnout & compassion fatigue


Leave a legacy that goes beyond your session notes & the four walls of your office


Yes, I'm in!

How It Works

Designed to build while you're still doing 1:1 work, parenting & doing ALL the things! Even if you don't have an idea yet. No need to rush!

self paced

Build your audience, course & confidence as you go (or sell then build, your choice!)

build & Grow

Look back & be THRILLED that you pulled your finger out to become part of the $350 billion+ course industry. 


6-12 months from now you'll wish you started already...

so just start

Payment Plan

Pre-recorded videos & Training 

workbooks, checklists  spreadsheets

under the hood of my courses

2 payments of US $79.00

One Payment 




1 payment of US $142.50

select the plan that works for you:

Most flexible!

Most affordable!

You CAN create an amazing course from that idea that you think might just be 'common sense'. Lean into being comfortable with being an expert. An expert is simply the person who knows the most on a topic in an average room. Transferring your knowledge to make it globally accessible isn't just a gift to the world, it's your responsibility. 

I guarantee you there is a course in you. On a topic you’ve already explained to clients a thousand times over. You’ve just got to get over yourself & get it on video ;)

if you're a healer/helper

Get a bonus module! Because I've been doing this long enough to know that many of you hear 'visibility' and 'video' and 'camera' and start singing "Hell to the Naw Naw!" You'll come back to this every time the fears creeps in (which will be often, it's normal!)

Visibility Fears

visibility fears

Bonus Course Module


Time to stop doubting yourself and create something that future you is so thankful for

Stop leaving money on the table when all you offer is 1:1 sessions & people need help NOW

Earn money even if you take a sick day, holiday or can't do 1:1 sessions that day.

Understand how to launch & market your first course (or tweak one that's not selling)

Feel comfortable with the tech, presenting & editing

Help hundreds, even thousands more  people than you ever could before

Tick something off your "I should do that one day..." list

By the end of this course, you will...

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I'm Doctor Erin Bowe

Clinical Psychologist, business mentor & supervisor. I spend my days creating courses & writing books in between pottering in the veggie patch.

more about me

Hello there!

The glorification of 'busy'

When I was accepted into post grad I was so anxious about not being enough that I did nothing but study & work. I was SO proud of my ability to see 9 clients a day.  Until  the migraines and a small stroke kicked in. With all my pregnancies, I've had hyperemesis gravidarum, so in between vomiting 20 times a day and not sleeping, I simply couldn’t function to see clients.  My idea of 'work' had to change.  So I flipped my energy into building courses. I launched 4 courses in 12 months to an audience of over 2650 students. Instead of filling my day with clients, I garden, hula hoop, write & make a conscious choice to decide how I'll use my energy each day.

It's simply a decision to see things differently 

i didn't always work this way...

Course Creation for the Caring Professions is unique because...

you're learning from a health professional not a marketer

My version of teaching is the opposite of hustle.  I'm a lot more chill than many of the business coaches and bosses I've ever had! There's a thousand and one courses on how to create a course by moving as quickly as possible. It doesn't suit me. Strong trees grow roots slowly. 

I also think it takes time and care to create warm, engaging, beautiful courses on difficult topics. I'm also good at breaking things down into easy to digest bites. 

I'll teach you which 'rules' of course creation are useful & which ones are myths

When I started creating my first course nearly 5 years ago I was overwhelmed by how many 'rules' there seemed to be. In a weird analogy, it's a lot like gardening! There are those who insist you 'must' do things a certain way, in a certain order to get the best results; then there's us rebels!

Absolutely there are some key things you need to get right with course creation, but you can still experiment, be playful and do things in a way that suits you. 

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a fun roadmap

Feel confident you're on the right track by getting relevant advice

Instead of listening to a dozen opinions on how to build and launch a course (like I did the first time!), quiet the noise, set your own goals and focus on what's actually relevant to you as a health professional. 

Work less 1:1 hours 

Establish your niche & expertise quickly 

Make global impact (I teach in over 40 countries)

Have something to offer if people are between sessions, on a wait list or can't access 1:1 sessions

Save time in supervision & training by being able to say "I've got a video on that" 

Feel reassured that if you get sick, need a holiday or feel burned out you've still got additional income

Help WAY more people by doing less...

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This is for you if:

You work in health + Helping professions

You need individual support 

YOu are willing to do the work & respect that i can't do it for you

you need a lot of 1:1 support

take responsibility for your own success & outcomes

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE not willing to uphold ethical guidelines for heath practitioner

Let's Do This Thing!

So what are you waiting for?

Can I really get this done? With a job, kids and all the things? 

Yes of course you can! Particularly if you stop wasting your time scrolling social media! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a course already, will this help me?

Yes! Be open to the idea that you don’t know what you don’t know! I’ll also be sharing my tips on why courses don’t sell. 

If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

All lessons are will pre-recorded instead of a live round so that you don't have to worry. You will have access to the course for AT LEAST 12 months.

Is there a Facebook Group?

Nope. history has taught me these are a massive time suck dr.erinbowe@gmail.com for questions

I'm nervous about tech...will you explain it all? 

Yes. It’s not as complicated as you might think –  if you can Google, you can learn the tech. 

What if I don't know what my course topic yet?

I’ll teach you the steps to work it out and some ideas for testing the viability of your idea. 

What if I want your specific help on something?

You can book 1:1 mentoring support into my calendar HERE. Note there's limited spots. 

Do you teach sales funnels?

No. That's a huge topic in itself. I teach creation + mindset + the basics of launching & marketing

 email me

I really do understand. I did a LOT of research before building my first course. If you've got questions, I'm happy to answer them. 

Still on the fence?