Let’s Rekindle Your Spark 

Create a psychology or health business that’s so full of fun, flow and joy that you don’t need to escape from it. 



My Story

I used to be that Psychologist who would see 9 clients a day, thinking this was how to build a dream business, only to feel exhausted and alone. 

I was constantly asking myself “Is my business a reflection of who I actually am and how I want to live, or a reaction to my visibility fears and a story about how I ‘should’ work?”

And then I flipped my business to become something slower, more joyful and more ‘me’

what i can do for you:


Business clarity & confidence.  Visibility, impostor fears, & build passive income. Clinical supervision for psychologists, social workers & counsellors. 


I teach over 2700 students on birth trauma training, perinatal mental health, social media detoxing & course creation for the caring professions.


Need a guest speaker, contributor or a Psychological Script Consultation? I have 12+ years experience in Clinical, Perinatal, Child & Forensic Psychology


Mentoring + Supervision

all the stuff you wish uni taught

Need to undo some patriarchal programming around visibility & authenticity? Let me guess, you're afraid your old supervisor/boss thinks you're a Narcisissist? Need to debrief & shift into your own space?  I got you. Need Clinical Supervision? We  can do that too!

soulful biz strategy

 visibility & impostor fears

clinical supervision

Brand Consulting 

Need help identifying your secret sauce?

I have a great eye for seeing what you can’t see in yourself – your special sauce. I help people elevate their voice, message, & perfectly imperfect quirks – AKA your brand identity & the things that position you as an expert. 

inject personality

Amplify your voice


Online courses 

Want self-paced learning? 

I teach a range of perinatal mental health topics. I launched 4 courses in 2020 and got so good at it that now I teach other health professionals the steps in how I did it. 

birth trauma 

course creation

Social media detox for mums

Want to curl up with my words instead?

My Writing

I've written  freelance articles on pregnancy, birth, parenting and mental health. I'm also the author of two books - More than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma was released December 2020 & reached #15 in Amazon's hot new releases. My second book, Social Media Detox for Mums is due for release in 2022. 


Kind Words

It was fantastic to be supported to think outside the university clinical box.

— Lisa, psychologist & ivf counsellor

Erin has identified a massive gap in the system. 

—  amy, midwife

Bloody legend!

—Rebecca, Birth sense australia

The bottom line

I do things differently

I don’t do hustle. I don’t get up at 4AM. I don’t use social media. I no longer give my money to coaches who think the solution to everything is to "just work  harder..."

I can't fathom being on my death bed saying “I’m so glad I spent all the time on Instagram”

you don't have to do what everyone else is doing


You CAN lead by resting.
Rewrite your
your business
or reignite your

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 I love getting pen pals!  Slow down, breathe & delight in my random, whimisical stories.