I really should take a break from social media, but...

I really should take a break from social media, but...

You've never actually taken the plunge to measure your mental health. You've maybe never looked at the conversion stats for your business? This course is all about actually finding out! Gently and compassionately

how many times have you said

Do it!

Social Media Detox for Mums

What could life be like without a constant feeling like you need to do a 'quick check'? What if you actually took some time out to check in with your mood, creativity and how your business is impacted by social media? 
Set your own goals, based on how you want to live this one precious life. Maybe you want to quit? Maybe you're just testing the waters? I'll teach you what I've discovered - both from my own experience of an 8 week social media detox, and my 12+ years as a Psychologist and you can make your own mind up. 

Ready for your life to change?

Welcome to

Maybe you've noticed... 

Maybe you've noticed... 

subtle (or not so subtle!) impacts from social media


Wanting to reduce or quit social media, but worry your business can't do without it? (That was me!)


You pick up your phone for a quick check every time you feel bored, annoyed, or worried, 


Feeling patronised or lectured by the idea that you just need more will power


You know you're on it "too much" but you're not sure how to manage your social media use?

but guess what...

I thought social media was non-negotiable

It was even a huge part of what I taught other healthcare professionals was important in my business mentoring. And yet, this nagging feeling of "what am I actually doing here?", and "do I actually need this as part of a life worth living?" kept calling.

i decided the kindest, most freeing, most rebellious thing i could do would be to stop using social media

A 21 day course for people who know they need a break or to change their relationship with social media, but want to review the information and make their own decisions. 

social media detox for Mums


We'll do a  mental health check in and get a baseline. We'll look at what you love/hate about social media and the reasons behind why you were prompted to detox. I'll give you a non judgey guide to some of that research you've probably been avoiding!

We set some goals that are specific to YOU and your needs. That are measurable, achievable and overall guided by self-compassion. We work out the 'rules' of the detox (according to you) & identify anything that could sabotage your progress. 

Here's What You'll Get

Check in & finding your why

Goals & a Plan

phase one

phase two

Reflect on what you've learned about yourself, your mood, your relationships and your business. What worked/didn't work for you during the detox and what changes you want to make going forwards. 

Review & Reflect

phase four

What is life and business like without social media? We test your assumptions, manage setbacks & challenges and check in with how you're feeling, how you are spending your time and what you're noticing. 

Life Without Socials

phase Three


Learn to notice the difference between numbing & relaxation

How does this sound?

Question everything you've heard about social media & business



the results you're going to get:

Create a life filled with activities & hobbies you actually LOVE


Learn what it is you're actually needing when you reach for a 'quick check'


Have tools to cope with stress & frustration that are long-term & life changing


omg! yes

How long is a piece of string? There is so much variation in how long it takes to change a habit!
21 days is what you might call the 'minimal manageable' goal to start with. You're unlikely to see change in less than 3 weeks, so I set up 21 days of prompts, videos &  tools to get you started. 

How long does it take to detox from social media?

How It Works

Get your pre-work done - setting an intention, thinking about dates to start & telling people

do the prep

Digestible, daily emails with videos, coping tools & support to keep going!

find 21 days

My monthly live Q&A coaching call if you need more support. 


Imagine how different life could be...

you just need to get started!

I've worked as a Psychologist for 12+ years. I've helped people face phobias, quit heroin,  reduce self-harm, and stop committing crimes. Whatever negative behaviours you're trying tor reduce or stop, one thing I KNOW is that people don't make changes by being told to "just quit" or being talked down to. If you want to quit or reduce social media, it will work if it's on your own terms :)

It's really not.  You need tools, support & a solid plan in order to make a change stick

willpower isn't enough...

The book is where social media detox started. A perfect way to support your learning. Makes a thoughtful gift for Mums who are trying to reduce or quit their social media. 

Social Media Detox for Mums: The Book

matching book

“I'm so glad I spent all that time on Instagram.”

— you, at 100 years old?

Have measurable insights about your mental health with and without social media

Decide if social media actually meets your needs to true joy and fun

Go under the hood of your business & test the phrase 'I need social media for business'

Have a clear actionable strategies in place for what you'll do when you feel the urge to scroll

Experience JOMO (joy of missing out) & get a break from the noise of social media

Feel proud that you stuck to something & made an investment in your own health

By the end of this, you will...

let's detox

I’m Dr Erin Bowe.

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Course Creator, Educator, Supervisor, Podcaster, Mum (to tiny humans, dogs & chicken divas). Slight Overachiever.  brought good chocolate...

more about me

Hello there!

Challenging the status quo

 When I started my own business everyone told me I 'had to' have social media, so I signed up with zero measurable outcomes. Sound familiar? 

 I paid for social media strategy courses, consultants & scheduling software. It still took up WAY too much time & created anxiety from always having my next Instagram post in the back of my mind.

I decided the most rebellious, freeing thing I could do for my mental health, business & mothering was to test the idea that I 'needed' social media.  

Turns out, life is better without it. 

It's simply a decision to see things differently 

it wasn't always so zen in my world...

Social Media Detox for Mums is one of a kind because...

I have direct personal experience

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back right? I put myself through an 8 week social media detox to see what would happen. At times it was hard, I made mistakes and doubted what I was doing. And, yet, the insights I learned about myself, my mood, my personality and my business was life changing.

I put all of the skills mentioned in my book, Motherhood, Mental Health & Social Media, into a practical, easy to digest course. 

I have the relevant professional background to guide you

In another lifetime I was a self-harm researcher. I also worked in a private practice attached to a methadone clinic. I can tell you that absolutely no one quits engaging in self-harm or stops using heroin just because you tell them it's "bad" for them. You need replacement strategies, choices that fit your values and personality, and above all a load of self-compassion and kindness. 

Detoxing from or quitting social media isn't that different! It uses the same theories and behavioural principles. All humans want to avoid feeling negative emotions. Using social media is just another way to meet that need.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a  roadmap

This course gives you a daily check in for 21 days

By taking the time to do the thing you're forever saying you're going to do, you'll actually start to see changes. In your mood, your work, and what you consider to be true fun and joy in this one short life. 

Testing the theory that you need social media 

Check in with how your mood is with & without socials

Challenge yourself to ask the question 'Am I actually having any fun?'

Revisit hobbies, quality leisure and creative projects instead of scrolling

Create something that you OWN & find joy in rather than algorithm-driven obligations

Learn to replace a 'quick scroll' with a toolkit of other strategies to help with numbing, boredom & stress

This is your chance to *finally* commit to:

Enrol Now

This is for you if:

you respect boundaries

you really have no intention of detoxing 

You're willing to do the work

YOU need 1:1 hand holding

you recognise this is not therapy

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE looking for a therapy replacement

Let's Do This Thing!

So what are you waiting for?

Can I really get this done? With a job, kids and all the things? 

Yes, of course you can!  Micro, daily changes lead to big changes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just quit on my own?

Maybe, but the research shows willpower isn't enough to reduce or quit a behaviour. You'll do better with guided plan and support.

If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

All lessons are will pre-recorded instead of a live round so that you don't have to worry. You will have access to the course for AT LEAST 12 months.

What if I cheat or muck up?

That's expected. There's strategies in place for how to help you get back on track. Just keep going!

Why 21 days? Is that long enough?

Research about how many days it takes to truly change a habit varies, but 21 days is a manageable start. 

How will I stay in contact with people? 

People will learn to call or email you, or they won't. It's part of the process of deciding what & who is important!

Won't my business suffer? 

Probably not as much as you think. Since you're setting your own goals & looking at your own conversion stats, let's test it before you panic.

Do I need to read the book? What's the difference? 

Both are useful :) The course specifically focuses on implementing the tools over 21 days. 

 email me

Nervous? Totally normal! If you've read through the FAQ and still have questions, feel free to send me an email. 

Still on the fence?

My Books

I'm the author of More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength & Growth After Birth Trauma, and Social Media Detox for Mums: A New Way to Find Balance