What’s not working? How can we have more fun?

July 28, 2023

A few weeks ago, when of my favourite authors Gretchen Rubin shared the concept of ‘Halfway Day’. What I found interesting was the chance to sit down and say to ourselves, “ok, it’s halfway through the year. What’s not working for me?”

Some things not working for me:

Scrambling to get to my desk and sit down to be present with clients at 9AM. My youngest is in her first year of school. Mornings have been an absolute sh*t show and I’ve spent more mornings fighting back tears and trying to get my head in the game then I’ve wanted to admit. 

Sometimes I forget I am my own boss, or that I’m allowed to choose again if an option isn’t working for my family. So I did. I changed my calendar to start appointments at 9:30 instead. In doing so, I’ve rediscovered a window to exercise. 

That was another thing not working for me. Trying to get up earlier or telling myself I’d workout at lunchtime. I’ve had to get over my story that it’s self-indulgent to start a bit later. Probably because I grew up in a family where the message was “we’ll lose our jobs and everything will fall apart if we aren’t on time”. 

I don’t really stress if other people are late, but I tend to hold myself to impossible standards with being punctual. 

Isn’t it funny how we repeat things that are familiar old family patterns even if it’s not what our adult self actually wants? I’ve had to forgive the part of my adaptive child brain who is probably more comfortable with rushing and morning chaos.

Not everyone can change what time they start or finish work, but maybe there’s a change somewhere else in life that’s been nagging at you? Maybe all it takes is the time to ask yourself – “what’s not working?”

Give yourself grace if your New Years goals have gone out the window.  Give yourself even more grace, if after reading this you realised you’ve drifted into old patterns. See if you can be kind to that part of yourself and choose again.

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