Things I did (or didn’t do) in 2021

December 23, 2021

This week, I want to encourage you to realise you did more in 2021 than you think. To reflect beyond hyper masculine oriented goals and lists of achievements.
Here’s a few of mine.
Celebrated my dog’s 14th birthday.  After a year of health scares and thinking she wasn’t going to make it, this was huge. I held my nose and bought her a lamb shank (I don’t eat meat). I watched in delight as she rolled in it and had the time of her life.

Interviewed 12 people for my book, parents of the pandemic. Had meaningful, important conversations and felt honoured to receive people’s stories.
In particular, I had a long conversation with Bruce McIntyre, partner of Amber Rose Isaac, We talked about systemic racism in birth and the black mothers in New York. You can listen to that full interview HERE and support the work of Save a Rose, HERE
I made friends with a huge golden orb weaver spider in the garden. I felt crushed when she, her web and babies disappeared after a storm.
I Installed the plant finder app and had many happy nature walks identifying plants.
Had a glorious time with the reface app. Realised I could totally pass as mother of dragons, or a chess prodigy. And, that with a red bob and eyeliner, I look exactly like my mother. It’s freaky.
I discovered I’m a rebel tendency type via Gretchen Rubin’s work.
Watched my oldest go off to her first day of school. Watched her navigate a weird introduction to schooling with me never being able to go into the classroom, many cancelled festivals, discos and events
Did the remote learning thing. Mostly hated it until we found our groove just as school went back
Quit social media, which you can read about HERE (and in my book, social media detox for mums which will come out next year!)
Abandoned my book, parents of the pandemic.
Took a bunch of courses from Leonie Dawson 
Started blogging again and writing a weekly email for my list
Made some new Mum friends who are professional artists, creatives and people who are probably too cool to hang out with me
Launched a new podcast, Mum as You Are. I say launched, I barely told anyone I started it but I’ve recorded maybe 26 episodes. Very experimental and imperfect, but WAY more time management friendly than my first podcast
Ripped out an old veggie garden & put a new one in as well as raspberry and blueberry plants (which aren’t doing do well), a bunch of strawberry plants and some medicinal herbs & flowers for bees under my roses.
Welcomed 6 silkie hens into our flock
Lost one new hen to a fox and for the first time dealt with the body & allowed my kids to look at it when they asked. We had a meaningful chat about death
Officially stopped offering counselling (for now at least anyway) so I could focus on business mentoring, writing & creating courses
Got my first royalty cheque for more than a healthy baby
Survived a series of intense storms in our area. Surprisingly not a single tree fell down
Had a spontaneous and nourishing session with my friend & author of priestess your plate, Tracey Pattison
Enrolled in a TV screen writing course for next year
Celebrated a crazy week of my wedding anniversary and both my kids birthdays
Read so many books that changed my life. Two faves were Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
and More than a Woman, by Caitlin Moran
I also discovered the music of Eaves Wilder in the process (who is Caitlin’s daughter) 
Discovered the budgie smuggler store and had schmancy cocktails in lockdown at home. The cute little bottles are perfect for window sill cuttings and future gift-giving
Started my kids on pocket money using the barefoot investor for families
Had many close encounters with this gigantic roo
Spent my birthday in an extended power cut after the biggest storm in 40 years
Got sent condolence flowers for my birthday
Took my kids to a street party in a brief reprisal from lockdowns where we met Cassidy La Crème and her sparkly microphone (hand applied over 6 hours I’m told). Her flapper cover of dance monkey is a thing to behold! 
Hired a babysitter for the first time ever. I know other people do it all the time but it was a huge milestone for me
Watched my eldest learn to read
Went to the dentist for the first time in over 2 years. Was relieved to learn my teeth are actually fine (except that my teeth are moving back to their pre-braces position)
Booked an appointment with a different dentist to talk about Invisalign next year
Picked up my guitar for the first time since I don’t know when. Felt embarrassed and frustrated by how much my skills have deteriorated yet heart warmed by how much my kids love, appreciate and are in awe of any sound that I manage to produce from it
Went to a lavender farm, sunflower farm and peony farm. Love that I still managed to get out and see flowers in between lock downs
Survived. Above all, that was enough and I hope you see this for yourself too X


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