Hi Erin

A funny, not so funny story this week. About the stretch for finding gratitude.

Last Thursday was my birthday. A memorable one for sure. Like many Victorians, I experienced a night of scary winds, power cuts and massive trees falling down. As a mother of young children, I’m guilty of glamourizing the lifestyle on the documentary series Alone. Hang out in the woods, alone with no power? Sounds fine. What are these grown men whining about?

Cue waking up on my birthday with a freezing cold house and no coffee.

Other than a few fallen branches, a sleepless night and a lot of mess, the storm was pretty kind to me. In contrast, several friends have been stuck on their properties for 5 days or more. No power, water, internet or phone.

There has been a permanent soundtrack of chainsaws in the background plus the smell of 2 stroke fuel and wood smoke. Out and about the damage from fallen trees is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I’m lucky.

The day after my birthday a van pulls up and a lady hands me a floral arrangement.  I think “how lovely someone sent birthday flowers” and quickly look at the card:

“Deepest condolence at this difficult time”

Nope, not birthday flowers for me, but condolence flowers intended for someone else. If that’s not the Universe pushing me to work on my gratitude, I don’t know what is!

It’s not always a joy finding things to be grateful for. Especially when there are detours we didn’t want.

I’ve had to change goals and rework what ‘work’ looks like more times than I can count in the last 12 months. Friends are starting to joke that I’m cursed, because every time I sit down to write Parents of the Pandemic we go into lockdown again, and my timeline changes. Books have a life of their own, and businesses have a life of their own too.

If you are still leaning into acceptance of detours and things you can’t control, know you are not alone!

P.S these flowers are from my photo shoot for More Than a Healthy Baby, not the condolence flowers