My 1st Week Without Social Media

March 12, 2021

I’m one week into my social media pause. Here’s some of my insights about how I’m feeling and the HUGE results I’ve seen in my business and finances so far:

Last Friday, something seriously freaky happened.

I woke up feeling some acceptance and a tiny bit of trust. Alright universe I’ll trust you. That this giving up social media and accepting that all this pushing and control in my business isn’t serving me. That I’m afraid of the angry, distracted, sad mum I’ve become and I’m afraid my daughters are growing up before my eyes and I’m missing it. That I don’t know “how” I’m going to manage financially doing less, but maybe I just need to trust. Would it be the end of the world if I made zero money this month anyway?

So most mornings, I draw a card from this animal oracle card deck. This morning I drew the bee card – sweet results await.

Go into my email and read a long but useful email from Mel Robbins about how it’s a year since her tv show was cancelled and she even had to pay back her book advance.
March 6th she had a video about the purpose of your dreams talking about how when her first book, the 5 second rule came out she hustled non stop for 6 months promoting it to make her dream of becoming a New York times best seller. For 3 weeks no one could buy the book due to a big F up with Amazon. That feeling of your book/course/product not launching the way it was supposed to and feeling like a failure is something in know all too well.

Long story short, people ended up buying Mel’s book (myself included) on Audible instead. Her dream took on a different flavour and she became the highest selling audible author for 2017. She said something about this that resonated with me, and I’m sharing as it might just hep you too:

“there’s no way in Hell that after working this hard, the universe isn’t going to reward me. There must be something better that’s coming”

I then somewhat mindlessly check my course enrolments via the app on my phone. Another thing I know I check too often. Yesterday I had 27 enrolments. Today it’s 483.
I assume it’s a bug. A typo. Udemy are going to email me soon and say “whoops we made an error”

It’s not an error. The enrolments keep rolling in. Within 48 hours I have 760 students out of nowhere. This is the highest month I’ve done since I first launched on Udemy in April last year. I’ve made more than I’ve ever made this month and I’ve done sweet FA to promote my course. I’ve never even used a single Facebook ad.

My next reaction is to panic as I anticipate 700+ students contacting me to say they’ve lost their log in, when can they get their certificates and so on. It prompts me to finally put up that FAQ on my website and put up an auto responder on my email advising people I’ll only respond on a work day. I’ve spent years falling back into “I’d better answer that asap” type thinking, when I would never do that if I was working in someone else’s business.

As it turns out, I didn’t get anywhere near the volume of customer service emails I anticipated. I could literally have just spent the whole day ignoring my phone and playing with my daughter and nothing would have changed.

I’ve literally just seen the ‘proof’ I needed that I can run a successful business without social media and it only took 4 days. The second I fully leaned into accepting and trusting the process, money appeared.

So now what? Is it a fluke? Maybe? Is it something replicable I can teach? Not sure yet.
I’ll soon start looking into the stats – how many of my sales actually come from Facebook and Instagram? How much time do I invest on those platforms versus how much profit I actually receive from it?

What I’ve learned is that there is more to life than constantly being “on” for other people. People will learn to use email and blogs again. I’m trusting that if something huge happens in the world new then I’ll find out about it. I trust I don’t need to keep checking.

Each day I learn a little more about how my brain might be changing by consciously choosing non-algorithm driven communication.

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