The Importance of Being Naked and Fat

The Importance of Being Naked and Fat New, improved, free, sale, proven, expert. Boring marketing buzzwords. It's all about being naked and fat now. The obsession with the word 'naked' in advertising and media makes me think back to the elusive Cadbury...

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Fruit Loopery in Nutrition

Fruit Loopery in Nutrition In the process of getting my PhD thesis closer and closer to submission I have gone a little loopy. This must be why, on a whim, I bought a box of Froot Loops. This morning, for the first time in my adult life I poured myself a...

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Champagne When you buy champagne or anything in the sparkling realm, people tend to ask “what are you celebrating?” Over the last month I’ve had something to tell them, but now it’s going to be back to the usual response of “nothing”. Sometimes this is met...

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