Four Years Since I Filmed My First Course: Tips for how to DIY and online course

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March 15, 2022

Four years ago I never could have dreamed that I knew enough to teach other people how to make and sell online courses.
Four years ago, today I was just an exhausted mum with a good idea that I simply couldn’t wait to create.
I sat down in a cleared corner of my office, drank half a glass of wine, put on some lippy and hit ‘record’ on my first ever course – birth trauma training for birthworkers (the ‘pilot’ version)
Every Saturday for about 6-8 weeks my husband would take the kids out and I’d have fa few hours to film my course. I got it done, but it wasn’t great.
Only 3 people have ever seen that footage.
The sound was terrible (I sat too far away and my phone made a hissing sound the entire time)
Without a script I just talked for far too long and lost my place
I wasn’t comfortable on camera, and it showed. Partially just nerves and lack of experience, and partially because I was breastfeeding my then 3 month old baby and my boobs were huge and leaking
I didn’t know how to edit.
Like, at all. I convinced myself it was too hard, and so I had my husband helping me review and edit after work at night. Remember we had a 2 year old and a 3 month old…I think we got 5 hours into the total video length and realised none of it was working.
So I scrapped it, and started again with a professional videographer, thinking this was my best option for success.
Funnily enough, it was this exact experience that convinced me that I absolutely could learn everything I needed to know about how to film and edit myself.
Fast forward four years and this week I dragged out the same old Kmart chair I used for my first course. I set up a tripod and lights, put some lippy on and hit ‘record’.
Except four years later I…
Feel comfortable on camera without needing a glass of wine first
Can confidently set up all my equipment, knowing how to get good sound and light
Know exactly what I’m going to say, and how long I’ve got to say it before people start falling asleep
Edit and produce all my own videos without the help of a professional
I’m kind of proud of myself. I just finished filming content for my next two courses:
Course Creation for the Caring Professions which is a self-guided, information packed course specifically for people who work in health. It’s the exact relevant ‘how to’ version of how to create and sell a course that I wish existed four years ago.
I’ve taken loads of training and got 1:1 coaching about this over the years but NONE of the people I trained from actually worked in health. There was no one who was a psychologist (or similar profession) who understood all my weird visibility fears,  AHPRA guidelines and why I was so against the idea of getting up at 4am to work on a course.

Want to test course creation for the caring professions?
I’m looking for beta testers for course creation for the caring professions– which means if you’re interested in building a course and you’d like to be one of the fist people to take course creation in its new platform – CLICK HERE you can also use the code: BETABABY50 for 50% off until April 2, 2022.
I’ve also filmed some videos for Soulful Strategy – this is my 10 week mastermind for mental health (and similar professionals) who want a business that feels more like them and less like what everyone else is doing.
We start on April 28, and it will 10 weeks of mindset work, practical training on passive income and most importantly, actual community with like minded souls. I wanted to re-launch it 18 months ago but I just couldn’t parent and hold space in the middle of a pandemic, so I waited.
I know some of you have been on the waiting list for this one for a while, so I’m just getting the final touches for the re-launch ready. Save the date – April 28th and keep an eye out for more details soon.
[yes, actual footage from Soulful Strategy…in the form of a grainy screen grab I took quickly]

Soulful Strategy psychology mastermind Erin Bowe
Mum as you are Podcast

In episode 29, I talk about how it’s been 12 months since I quit social media. A roundup of how quitting impacting my mood, business and relationships.
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Course creation will open for beta testers soon- if you’re interested just hit reply

Soulful Strategy will start April 28th. More details soon! 

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