I think I have a poltergeist

February 24, 2022

I think I have a poltergeist. Though it’s not the usual door-slamming, chilling-gust-of-wind type. This one likes to mess with my technology.
I have a knack for asking my husband for help with something tech-related and then the second he comes over to help me, the problem magically disappears.
But I swear the dishwasher wouldn’t even turn on a second ago!
The internet has literally been out all day until you just walked into the house
Our TV in the kids’ playroom randomly turns itself on. I thought it was the kids doing it at first until I saw it in action for myself – not only does the TV turn on, but it starts scrolling through the streaming apps and putting shows on by itself.
I’ve spent MONTHS trying to get my husband to see the said TV poltergeist.
Being Mr Logical he’s not even that keen to see said weird activity. He’s content to accept the logic that it’s just the tv restarting itself when the internet does an update.
Nope. Definitely a tv-specific poltergeist.
For Christmas, I got a new laptop. My husband insisted I needed one with functioning number keys AND that will not blue screen if you unplug it….Fancy.
All was going well said new laptop until the poltergeist decided to mess with me again.
You see, it was an issue of control. My CTRL key being stuck to be exact.
It would multi-select paragraphs, put caps lock on even though the option wasn’t selected and randomly start opening and closing tabs.
Sticky keys wasn’t turned on. I restarted my laptop half a dozen times. Nothing. So frustrating!
When my husband had a free moment he asked me to show him all the gremlin activity so he could work out what was going on. Nothing. All the suspicious activity stopped.
I felt like the kid in the plotline of every 90s family movie ever:
There really was a Gremlin/ghost/terrifying Chucky doll there a minute ago!
I find the saga of the stuck control key quite telling.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having issues with control lately. Hesitant to plan anything in case it gets cancelled. Trying to force work projects to fit within a timeline because I want certainty.
I keep getting sign after sign that I need to let go of control and trust that what is for me will work out. Maybe you know the feeling?

Mum as You are Podcast Season 2
Much like end of summer in the garden (nothing for weeks, then suddnely more cucumbers that you could ever eat), I’ve slowly started up the podcast again. To be honest, I’ve had a bit of podcasters block and am not feeling the flow yet. I have a speadsheet of ideas, I’m just not feeling if any of it is worht harvesting yet.
In episode 27, I talk about acknowledging and even grieving the season of motherhood you’re in. As it turns to late summer outside, I’m also feeling it in my mothering journey. When you know you are 100% done with having babies and you’re no longer using a pram or buying nappies, yet your kids are still little. I talk about how ‘in between’ this can feel, and that we don’t really see end of summer mothering talked about too much.
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