I’m basically like that kid from the Babysitters Club

January 27, 2022

Something you may not know about me is that I’m rather accident prone. Mind you, I’ve never broken a bone and I’ve never gone to the emergency department or anything. I might have strong bones, but I’m klutzy.

If you’re of the generation who remembers the Baby Sitter’s Club books, you might remember there was a character called Jackie who the girls always called a ‘walking disaster’. That kid’s got nothing on me.

This weekend I managed to slice the bottom of my leg open. I have a nasty one-inch gash. How did I manage this you ask?

My toenail. I cut my own leg open on my own toenail. Simply by walking.
Who even does that?
Me, apparently
As well as strong bones, my nails and hair grow fast. No, I don’t do anything special that I can think of, it’s just genetics. Don’t feel too jealous though, I have also inherited stumpy eyelashes and dark circles under my eyes that, without makeup on, make me look like Lurch from the Addams Family.

But yeah. I’m that person who trips over absolutely nothing.

To make matters more dramatic, I also bruise really easily.
2015 was the year I decided I’m not a coffee table person. With the sleep deprivation of my first child, I just crashed into our glass coffee table far too often. And once she started teething, oh geez, the sound of those little baby gnashers on glass.

2022 is the year I’ve finally realized I actually hate shorts, and will no longer waste my one precious life trying to wear them (was that too dramatic?). I just bruise too often and too easily to make shorts a reality.

I once got up out of my chair after talking to a client and fell flat on my face (much to my embarrassment and their deep concern for me). My leg had gone to sleep for a little longer than I’d realized and when I stood up, my legs gave way

There was also the time I missed my end of school ceremony where I was being presented with an award. I couldn’t go because I had a feather stuck to my eyeball. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. My mum and I had been shaking out a doona and a feather got in my eye. I thought I got rid of it, but turns out I hadn’t. A layer of skin (eye skin is that a thing?) had grown over a tiny particle and I had to go the GP and have it removed. I received local anesthetic but absolutely nothing for the anxiety that is having a procedure on your eyeball.
Whether you are accident prone like I am, you forget things, you are messy or whatever you think your flaws that should stay hidden might be, I can tell you that there’s relatability in there.

A short story, a funny anecdote or something that helps bridge the gap between you the professional and you the person.

It takes time and practise to learn to find visibility, relatability and your authentic voice. It’s been about 10 years for me experimenting with this now – publishing and unpublishing blogs, starting and quitting social media. I generally don’t experience vulnerability hangovers anymore because I’ve found my own ‘special sauce’ that works for me, my brand and how I show up in my business.

Need help? I’m here. All things going to plan, I’ll have more availability once school/kinder starts up again in February.

Link to my calendar is HERE or you can hold tight and wait for group training in the form of Soulful Strategy, Course Creation for the Caring Professions or my other offerings I’m slowly, and mindfully re-launching.


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