You know how sometimes you will have a moment of doubt and then a message appears at the perfect time? Confirmation that you ARE in fact on the right path?

I had a moment of real doubt this week. Doubt about whether I’m doing the ‘right thing’ by sending out a weekly email that is basically just whatever I feel like scribbling down that week.

I’m not at all following the excel spreadsheet of content to batch and schedule that I planned out in January. More than that, I’m a marketer’s nightmare because there’s very few calls to action or sales stuff in my emails.

I can hear a marketer’s faint but annoying voice. Like a mosquito that, no matter what you do, arrives at 3AM to hover around your shoulder. It’s annoying little buzz saying:

“Every 4th email should be selling…”
“You need to give people a call to action…”
“You’re wasting your time. No one will read these”
“You shouldn’t have quit social media”

Thankfully, on the other shoulder is a giant shrimp. Or prawn, because I’m Aussie and don’t ever say ‘shrimp’. Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp made my week. She is a copyrighter who chose a business name that could work for either writing or a restaurant. In Greek mythology the god of writing and creativity has a shrimp body and a human head. Who knew? It’s exactly the kind of quirky random fact I love.

Laura’s work is all about reminding businesses that writing quirky, fun, personal emails that people actually want to read IS super valuable.

What’s on your coat of arms?

I really resonated with Laura’s idea about a coat of arms for your business. I don’t think my high school or university actually used one, but apparently Laura’s high school’s coat of arms has a stack of beavers. For a girls’ school. I mean, really.

Your coat of arms is like a visual collage of the personable things you’re known for.

Mine would be:

My husband + kids, my chickensdogs & the colourful and crazy wildlife on my bush property, coffee (bless my darling kids who don’t sleep through the night), a bookwild flowers/veggies/herbs and possibly a match? (because I like to ignite ideas, bring things to light and set fire to the staus quo).

An equivalent would be getting someone who knows you well, who is also arty, to create a visual for you. About a year ago, my doula made something of an ‘intuitive’ collage for me

The more you share the things that make you ‘more of you and less of them’, i.e., the things you are naturally drawn to, excited about or can’t imagine life without – the more magnetic, warm and human we come. This is your brand essence. The things that come to mind when people think of you.

The things that you can’t stop talking about actually become your ‘content buckets’, i.e., the things that become anecdotes for your email list, blog, and social media if you’re using.

Weekly whimsy

Speaking of crustaceans, I recently discovered the band Wet Leg. Two delightfully quirky women with two songs – one about a chaise longue and another one where they dance around with lobster claws on. Right up my alley.

P.S. And of course, if you literally have no idea how to inject personality into your branding, I can help with that. In fact, 2022 is going to have me focusing a lot more on helping people with their branding identity as part of my mentoring packages because I know so many of you struggle with it. University stamps out every inch of personality, right? Part of the joy of my role as a business mentor is casting a spotlight on the things you can’t see and getting you to harness it. It’s SO much fun! You can book in to my calendar HERE

P.P.S. Now that school is back I’m attempting to create different content for the Mum As You Are podcast. This week’s episode is a five minute chat about the difference between nervous and excited and how we can help kids (and ourselves) lean into working with our psychophysiology. Episode 16 is HERE