Something a bit different this week. My mid 2021 taking stock post. A few points of ponder anyway. The idea of a taking stock post is something I’ve borrowed from Meet Me at Mike’s – a blog I’ve been readings since…maybe 2006? 

Here’s a bit of what I’m up to: 
 Making: Paper dolls, mud pies, and a pear upside down cake that leaked all over the oven.

Reading: Just finished Motherhood: A Manifesto by Eliane Glaser. 
It’s very research heavy. Has a few comments about Hypnobirthing, ‘natural’ birth and baby sleep that I went “ooh no, I don’t agree with that”, but that was kind of the point. It was very emotive and thought provoking.
I’m also re-reading This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin. I loaned my copy to someone years ago and never got it back. The upside of never getting a book returned is that I may not have gone on to find the Audible version. This is a much, much richer experience of this book than I ever got from just reading (and thinking “I should Google what that term sounds like later”).

This time, one year ago when I finished writing More than a Healthy Baby I’d submitted a book proposal and raced to finish the manuscript in case it was accepted. It was. 

Looking: At the wattle trees, almost ready to burst with yellow balls of fluff.

Listening: everything is so loud after I had my ears syringed this week. I had constant ear infections as a child, and they blocked often thanks to my freakishly small ear canals. 
I had no issues with my ears for maybe 30 years, then with pregnancies and postpartum, my blocked ears have returned a few times. I’ve never been so grateful to hear the subtle crumple of a tissue or the cold, winter air whistling in my ear.

Discovering: That there are 5 separate handwriting fonts taught in Australian Primary Schools with no standardisation across states. The font my daughter in Prep is learning – Victorian Modern Cursive – looks absolutely bizarre to my Tasmanian brain. I can’t get on board with the unclosed ‘b’, ‘p’ and ‘z’. 

I was the last kid in my class to get my pen licence and the way I hook my ‘g’ and ‘y’ might mean I’m a Psychopath according to very scientific handwriting analysis websites. I stand by the fact that no magistrate or judge has ever asked to see some of my actual psychopath assessment clients’ handwriting though…

Enjoying: hibernating. A slower pace. Realise I haven’t made a single video in over 12 weeks now.  I haven’t created anything work-related at all this year. 2021 was ‘supposed to’ be my harvest year – market the crap out of More Than a Healthy Baby, finish and launch Parents of the Pandemic, re-launch my bigger signature course – Soulful Strategy. Instead, life had other plans – rest and the challenge to NOT feel I have to create/launch something on account of having rested. We’ll see where spring takes me.

Finishing: Writing my second book. The dreaded second book is being more stubborn than my first. Much like my second birth, actually – the pace is going well, and it’s nearly ready, but it’s a bigger manuscript, taking more of my energy and much like my second baby, it’s feeling a bit stuck.  Isn’t it funny? It’s like the point of labour where I remember thinking “ok, I’ve done this before. Your sister came out with this amount of pushing – why aren’t you out yet?!” I’m almost at the point where I need to relinquish it someone else to read and edit and possibly see what I can’t see. When that’s done I’ll get back into writing this pandemic book.  Parents of the Pandemic has had so many false starts and twists and turns. I’ve leaned into accepting that there’s no “I’ll start when the worse part is over”. It might end up being a series of books – who knows?

Watching: Physical with Rose Byrne. The inner monologues are excruciating to watch. The styling is very satisfying though – the houses and the music that is, not so much the big hair and the bum crack leotards.

Appreciating: That Jazzercize is still a thing. I went down a YouTube rabbit hole watching 80s workout videos and it was an absolute hoot! Daggy dancing to daggy 80s music is absolutely one of my happiest of places.
Laughing: At an ‘out of the mouths of babes’ comment from my 3.5 year old this week. It involved a conversation about “outer lessons” she observed in a group of kangaroos on a walk. Her dad had explained the difference between the adults, the joeys in their Mum’s pouches and the adolescents. ‘Outer lessons’ = adolescents. Too cute.
Hope you are having a good week 😊