An old chestnut that’s been coming up in mentoring this week is the blocking statement “it’s been done before”

Of course it has. Your job (as I see it) is to say “yes, but not in my voice” and keep going.

Do you think the staff at Vogue sit down before every winter and say “oh bugger, the trench coat has already been done?”

I can’t imagine people at Vogue saying “bugger”, but the fashion industry is a good go-to for inspiration if you’re ever telling yourself there’s no room for your ideas.

Do you know how often I stop myself with the thought “it’s been done. No one wants this, it’s irrelevant and repetitive?”

Every single chapter I write.
Every single module of a course I create.
Every single blog post.

Here are two things that help me to keep going:

Knowing that where there is an ability, there is a responsibility

Without sounding pompous, I can hand on heart say that I have knowledge in my head that could (and has) saved lives. This work chose me. Translating concepts, telling and receiving stories with compassion is just what I am meant to do.

It’s not the content, it’s the process

A mentor once taught me that people primarily don’t buy online courses for the content (what? No really). They buy courses for the transformation they imagine they will have working with you.

My Grandmother had this phrase that she used a lot, which then got passed down to my mother and now here I am telling it to you – sometimes it’s the singer, not the song.

Essentially, whatever concepts I’ve learned about mental health, motherhood and business are the same ones that other people teach and will continue to teach.

So, it’s not the content people are looking for, but the process in how the content is translated – your unique tone of voice, bad jokes, your personal point of view, experience, stories and results.

People also love repetition and a re-release. Suddenly Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album is in the charts again. Speaking of fashion earlier, I’ve noticed teens are wearing Stevie Nicks T-shirts now and making me doubt whether I should still be wearing mine!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just spin it around a bit. Look at the popularity of Triple J’s Like a Version covers. Find something you know well and spin it the way you spin it.

If you aren’t sure what your particular spin is yet, try this trick

Open your voice memo app. If you are braver, use the video option. Talk about your idea for course, book, podcast or whatever it might be for 10 – 15 minutes. What are you trying to communicate? Don’t stress about the content too much, just talk and get words flowing.
Play it back and look for the spots where you are most you – your passion comes through, you believe what you are saying. This is the place to come from when you create.

If you need to get out of your own head,  I really do love helping people with these questions. In between book writing, speaking gigs and creating courses I also mentor people, who, for the most part are where I was 3-5 years ago. Book yourself into my calendar HERE or sign up to my mailing list below