It’s a brief appearance from me this week as we do the remote learning + no childcare thing again. If you’d prefer to listen, the audio version of this episode is HERE

Here’s 6 things getting me through:

1.    The sun
The sun on my face. Though in an effort to up my vitamin D, I’ve developed new, winter lockdown freckles. Yes, you can indeed get freckles even if the UV index is 2.5! Time to finally buy that sun lamp I think.

2.    Finding delight and whimsy
This weekend I moved some of my potted bulbs so they could get some more sun. In the process of moving a pot, something rattled onto the deck. It looked like a rock but it was actually a tiny, frozen frog! I’d never have thought that the sound of a frog hitting the deck would sound like the rattle of a pebble. Once the sun hit, the little frog sprang back to life and hopped back into the weeds.

When I struggle to find whimsy around me, I remind myself of whimsical memories. ZiZi, the purring sofa at MONAthe guy I used to see on my way to work who carried a gigantic carrot and any time I tell people the story of how I was bitten by a pig the week before my wedding. I’ve learned from nearly 16 years of telling this story that it makes people laugh.

3.    Water
Long showers. Jumping in puddles. Drinking more of it than I think I need (because I never drink enough in winter)

4.    Fun movement
I’ve fallen out of love with anything resembling a ‘work out’ or pushing through at the moment and that’s ok. Walking and hula hooping is enough for my energy right now.
Movement for me will also soon include fulfilling my childhood dream of owning a drum kit. An electronic one, because (1) I have a 3 year old and (2) neighbours and (3) Watching Mark Ronson’s Watch the Sound has convinced me electronic drums might be as good as the real thing.

5.    Keeping vitamins in check
Adding to my never ending list of things I haven’t done yet – like getting my iron levels checked, it’s just easier to take vitamins. This tired feeling that we’re all feeling isn’t going anywhere for a while yet.

6.    Radical self compassion
This is the one I struggle with the most. Being kind to myself when I say I won’t yell at the kids, and then I yell. For waking up each day saying I’ll be more patient, and for not having the energy or emotional resources to be patient in the way I wanted. For not moving the needle very far at all in my parenting at the moment, but for being good at repair.

Send me your whimsical stories if you have them 🙂