More Than a Healthy Baby: How to Cope with Birth Trauma

A super affordable starting point for people who have experienced birth trauma. Education and information, plus practical coping tools and hints and tips about finding further support.

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Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

An affordable, comprehensive training series for birth workers wanting to not just be trauma informed, but trauma trained.

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Practical Strategies to Cope with Birth Trauma Kindle Edition

A multi sensory guide to coping with birth trauma. These are real tools I’ve either used myself as a Mum of two traumatic births, or have used with clients over my 10+ years of working as a Clinical Psychologist.

Super practical, non-time consuming and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. I teach you how to use your sight, sound, smell, touch and taste to soothe your nervous system. Learn how to safely express anger and rage, how to move stress through your body and come back into the present moment. These are life-long skills you can pass down to your children, friends and colleagues. Coping is a teachable skill that everyone deserves to learn.

This book is for people who have given birth AND partners who are looking for some simple, practical coping strategies. This book is also for birth workers who may have witnessed or heard about a traumatic birth at work.

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