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To mark my return from maternity leave (and funnily enough what turned out to be the start of my second pregnancy), I attended the Hypnobirthing Australia conference in Brisbane. The lovely Melissa Spilsted gifted all the practitioners a selfie stick. I’m sure my face looked like that kid from the Youtube video whose parents gave him an avocado for Christmas! I had to admit, my first thought was “oh no, not for me. I’m so not a selfie person!”


After some reluctance, and seeing all my fellow practitioners getting on board with making videos, I decided to suck it up and practise what I preach: False Evidence Appearing Real. If I could birth a baby, I could make a video!

I started at 14 weeks pregnant, and, being the over-achiever I am, realised with 26 or so weeks to go, I may as well make a whole A-Z series. When you have a passion for something, the fear tends to disappear into the background and the words come easily. So here is me, chatting away about some tips that I myself would find useful.

A for Anxiety

Feeling frazzled? Here’s an easy way to let some of that tension go.

B for Beta Endorphins

Pregnancy aches and pains? Worried about pain during labour?

C for Coping

How do pregnant women cope without coffee and alcohol?

D for Depression

Just tired & moody or are you experiencing perinatal depression?

E for Estimated due Dates

Women are not rats! Pregnant women don’t all go into labour on day 22. We need to relax about due dates

F for Failure to Progress

How does fear, tension and pain slow labour? How can we keep fear out of our birth space?

G for Gestational Diabetes

How a diagnosis of gestational diabetes actually helped me feel great during pregnancy

H for Hyperemesis

My experience with hyperemesis gravidarum in two pregnancies, and my tips for getting psychological support and coping

I for Inductions

My experience of induction, how to prepare and manage an induced labour without pain medication

J for Journaling

No time for self-care? Figure you’ll just start to bond with baby after the birth? Here’s a super quick tip to start now

K for Know Your Rights

You’ve negotiated job contracts, lease agreements, loans, maybe even property purchases…but have you looked into ethics and laws around your birth?

L for Language of Birth

With birth language so often being focused on failure (‘failure to progress’, incompetent cervix etc.) is it any wonder so may women feel anxious instead of empowered?

M for Mum Guilt

Consumed with mum guilt? It’s not about banishing, accepting, embracing or any other absolutes. It’s just about managing this one moment. Here’s some tips.

N for No ‘Normal’ Birth

What is a normal birth, exactly? I have a real problem with this idea that a caesarian section isn’t giving birth. Or that the focus is on it not being ‘natural’ or ‘normal’.

O for Oxytocin

No matter what kind of birth you have, you need oxytocin in the bank. Here’s how to start squirrelling away some of those good, natural drugs from your brain’s own 24 hour pharmacy.

P for Partner’s Role

Four things your partner can do to play a supportive role in labour.

Q for Questions to ask

Questions to ask yourself, your partner and your care provider BEFORE your birth.

R for Relaxation

Quick techniques you can use in the supermarket line or in the car. When there’s no time for a bath or cup of tea…

S for Support

Where to find emotional support during pregnancy.

T for Touch

There is good evidence that touch helps to promote the release of hormones that help with feelings of safety, relaxation and reduced pain.

U for Undisturbed Birth

For a smooth, calm birth you need privacy, safety, support and absolutely no pressure to perform.

V for Visualisation

Visualising the outcome you want helps cement neural pathways. You can prepare for birth using visualisation the same way that athletes and musicians prepare for performance.

W for What’s in my Bag?

Hospital bags don’t have to be all Bridget Jones knickers and nipple cream! See what a birth worker packs in her own hospital bag.

X for X-rated Pain Relief

There is an old saying that what helps baby in also helps baby out!

Y for Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga doesn’t have to be all downward dog! Just a simple breathing technique can drastically reduce labour pain.

Z for Birth Zen

A wrap up of my best tips for rocking a calm, positive birth.

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