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I ignite womxn to burn bright without burning out

You can’t burn out if you were never on fire in the first place. Let’s work together to stoke the coals, add some new branches, and blow some fresh air into the flames. 

Do you feel:

  • Like you love your work as a  helper/healer but feel like there’s got to be any easier way to make work less draining?
  • Like the whole ‘wok/life’ balance mantra might be BS?
  • That your biggest stengths in being highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive can also be your biggest downfall in your work?
  • Like you give too much, stuggle with saying no and setting boundaries
  • You’re struggling with serving – seeing people in your lunch break, getting UTIs becasue you’ve got no time to pee, standing on your feet giving massages for 8 hours a day or seeing clients back to back? (my record used to be 9 in a row)
  • You desperately want to keep doing the work that is your soul calling, but without the compassion fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and burnout?
  • Pangs of guilt and Imposter sydrome creeping in every time you help someone else with their self-care, but then go home and engage in meaningless, numbing activities (that really don’t light you up at all) night after night. All because you’re jsut so exhausted?
  • You know that it’s your soul purpose to do this work. You don’t want to sign up for working in a lab or somwehere devoid of human interaction, yet you’ve thought of quitting, maybe many, many times

I work with birth workers, psychologists, counsellors, massage therapists, yoga teachers, GPs, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Childbirth Educators and ALL womxn who serve, support and heal other womxn.

I want fiery, compassionate, intuitive heart- centered people to stay in this work. I don’t want my daughters to grow up in a healtchare system full of cold, jaded, emotionally removed robots.

  • Maybe you need to debrief after witnessing a traumatic birth, infant loss or other complications (I see Doulas, Midwives, Hypnobirthing Practitioners, Birth Photographers and every type of birth worker)
  • Have a client who maybe has additional mental health or other emotional needs, has built a connection with you, but you feel a bit out of your depth to know how to help
  • Want some non-judgemental support for managing unexpected transference or triggers from your own pregnancy, birth or parenting


I also provide formal supervision for psychologists, and debriefing for allied health professionals.


Types of AHPRA-approved supervision for Psychologists available

  • Registrar program principal or secondary supervisor (Clinical endorsement)
  • Psychologists who are employed




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