Soulful Strategy for Psychologists is launching in September!

Soulful Strategy for Psychologists (and other mental health professionals!) is a unique 10 week group program. It’s for professionals who are sick of being shrinking violets and want to be tall poppies.

It’s for mental health professionals who are asking themselves the question: Is my business a reflection of who I am, or is the way I operate a reaction to people I don’t want to upset?  

I KNOW that there are professionals who are looking to step into more holistic healing, heartfelt business and luscious leadership. Who want to be doing less 1:1 work and KNOW they need to diversify their offerings, but feel daunted by breaking the mold of what it is we were trained to do.

In the last 8 years of supervising psychologists, these are the conversations that have always come up again and again, so I decided it was time to put together a group! There is more to supervision than case formulations and the ‘how to’ of private practice.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to keep going when burnout and compassion fatigue are calling?
  • Are you curious about crossing over into content creation, coaching and more creativity?
  • Are you stubbornly hanging on to the model of running a private practice funded almost entirely by Medicare referrals? If the Better Access scheme was cancelled today, would your business survive?
  • Does the digital world of social media, podcasting, Youtube, and online course creation scare the sh*t out of you but you know it’s time to get over yourself? (or ignore the voices of other professionals telling you that it is just for Narcissists?)
  • Are you limiting your success because you’re too afraid to change, be more visible or take up more space?
  • Do you crave more conversations and connections with other light workers, witches, shamans and healers who, like you, are hiding behind a professional title so as not to not upset the status quo?
  • Are you tired of working in a model that insists we need to diagnose people in order to support them?
  • Are you struggling to attract ideal clients because your safe, sterile branding and online presence isn’t inspiring them?

 The program

10 weeks of training, coaching, hand holding and arse kicking. The yin and yang of bother personal and professional development. We work together live via Zoom in a group, 1 session a week for 1-1.5 hours. I support you to let go of your witch wounds and let your freak flag fly, while satisfying your every curiosity about coaching, creative content creation and cashflow.

I’ve come out of covid-19 with the conviction that I’ll no longer say yes to work that doesn’t completely light me up. I say no to burnout, compassion fatigue, and bullshit expectations about how a ‘professional’ woman serves, or how she earns her money. 

If you aren’t finding time for fun, play and creativity is this actually the career you wanted?

You can still hang onto your mental health title hat. What I’m inviting you to do is to see what else the sorting hat has for you. To see if little you and future you would be happy with how you’re showing up.

The modules

We work in two phases. First up there’s mindset work. Deep reflection, possibly some denial, and questioning who it is you want to be, and how you want to show up in your business. Once we’re clear on that, then I’ll teach you the strategy – course creation, getting paid to speak and write, podcasting and all the other tools you didn’t learn at Uni!

Module 1

From shrinking violet to tall poppy

We look at what old wood we want to burn off so the new shoots can come through.

There were parts of our Uni training that are no longer working for us or our clients. Be it a discomfort with over pathologizing so people ‘fit’ within the Medicare scheme, or the frustration when other professionals see self-promotion as ‘Narcissism’.

Gone are the days of hanging up a shingle and putting up a Yellow Pages ad and believing that if you’re good enough the clients will find you and book.

You must stop dimming your light to fit in.

I’ll teach you what I’ve learned in the last 10 years about authenticity, connection and heart-centred business. There is a way to build a private practice that’s joyful and expansive, rather than scarcity driven and restrictive.

 Module 2

Being burned at the stake

Who are you and why should anyone pay attention to you? What’s holding you back from speaking your truth? We unpack the idea of visibility, authenticity and professionalism. We dive into all your excuses, all your self-sabotaging and ineffective patterns (aka your witch wounds) and start coaching you to become a Phoenix rising from the ashes of your possible paths. For some of you, this will be coming home. Welcoming back your sense of authentic self. For others, this will be like a rebirth. Giving yourself permission to shine.

 Module 3

“I seen the little Lamp”

The title of this unit is not a typo! It’s a line from Katherine Mansfield’s The Dollshouse. It refers to how hard it is to elevate hope for your future when you’re stuck in the past.

How to be more of you and less of them. To embrace your uniqueness as a hybrid counsellor+coach+whatever your title and lead you into a deep dive on exactly who you are your ideal clients.

What is it that you actually want? Is your business a reflection of who you want to be or a reaction to people you don’t want to disappoint, upset or piss off?

Are you sending the universe mixed messages? Would you order from Uber eats and then tell the driver to just figure out where you live?

We find the magic sweet spot where your experiences, qualifications, knowledge, skills, and special sauce matches what clients are looking for. We teach you how to be the beacon for these clients to find you.

Module 4

Money, Medicare & Martyrdom

We dismantle some of your old or untested beliefs, such as: “People won’t pay for services without a Medicare rebate”, and “people will think I’m a bitch if I charge X”

I had the benefit of being trained in the how to’s of private practice before the Better Access scheme came in. We sometimes forget that prior to 2006, people ran private practices without Medicare! I let you in on the lessons I’ve learned from over 10 years of working in private practices, and we dive into your ineffective patterns around money and martyrdom.

After we’ve done a deep dive into mindset work around who it is you want to be, who you want to serve, and how you’ll show up, we move into creativity, content creation and cashflow.

 Phase 2: Skills training and actionable steps

 Module 5

Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

What is coaching, exactly? How is it different to therapy, and why you are perfectly positioned to be a beautiful hybrid of both. I’ll teach you how to put together packages instead of working session by session.

 Module 6

Writing for Mental Health Professionals

Beyond academia: Getting paid to write for Newspapers, magazines and online print.

  1. How to write and publish a quick e-book and get it up for sale
  2. How to get paid for media articles
  3. How to banish beige, boring blogs (and yes, you need a blog!)
  4. How to find a publisher and get your longer book out into the world

 Module 7


  1. How to provide expert comment for media and book guest speaking gigs
  2. Content creation using your own unique voice
  3. Why you need a podcast and how to create one
  4. Collaborations and connections with other individuals and brands

 Module 8

Creating and selling online courses

  1. How to create & test the viability of a course
  2. How to choose a platform
  3. How to choose a learning format (audio, face to camera, slides?)
  4. Evergreen courses versus launches
  5. What equipment do you need? DIY versus hiring a professional
  6. Marketing without hiring a marketer

 Module 9

BEYOND 1:1 sessions

How to run groups, workshops, and retreats

 Module 10

Dreams becoming plans

 By now, you’ll have a roadmap of where you want to go. Your dream collaborations, events, courses, and packages for clients. You’ll action some steps in rebirthing and rebranding. You’ll kill off your darlings that aren’t serving you and taking at least once actionable step.


*** as the program is in beta mode, I want to teach it live so that I can tweak, test and polish as I go. I want to be able to do some deep listening, and give a high level of tuition and connection. You’ll get my step by step support to create a business you love, as well as the support from other beautiful souls who are on the same path as you***

I’m charging the same price as my current group supervision fee, but instead of booking as needed, it will be booked as a package.

$1400AUD upfront, or $2000AUD on a payment plan. 

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🤜 We start with a 1:1 Needs Assessment & Goal-setting call (around 20 mins). I’ll ask you about your deep desires for how you want to show up in business, and what’s holding you back.

🤜 Weekly Zoom teaching and Q&A (up to 90 mins)

🤜 Save time by learning what you need from someone who: (a) has worked for 10 years under just about every private practice model imaginable, (b) already has 8 years experience teaching soulful strategy as part of supervision, (c) has done the work and is making passive income with 700+ students in my online courses, guest speaking, collaborations, and I have a ‘proper’ book with a publisher coming out in December.

🤜 Free LIFETIME membership to recordings and future content

🤜 Free LIFETIME membership to future rounds

🤜 Discounts on my 1:1 supervision & coaching

(Plus bonus materials as they occur to me!)

 Keen? Curious? Terrified?

Book a call and let’s chat, or if you’re keen as mustard, DM me and we’ll book you in!

**We start in early September. Dates and times will be decided depending on the majority preference. I will do my best to accommodate a day and time that suits the majority**



I also provide formal 1:1 and group supervision for psychologists, and debriefing for allied health professionals.


Types of AHPRA-approved supervision for Psychologists available

  • Registrar program principal or secondary supervisor (Clinical endorsement)
  • Psychologists who are employed




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