Confession time: I have a LONG history of choosing the more difficult option when the ‘easy’ option would probably get me the same (or better results):

Being convinced to write a PhD thesis that was 600 pages instead of the typical 150 (in my defence one of my markers who wanted to fail me insisted I still needed to add another 3 chapters – FK that)

Choosing an obscure film to write about for an essay in my contemporary cinema class because I thought it would impress my professor more. It didn’t. In fact, it was so obscure he didn’t believe I’d even seen it and marked me down ☹

Occasionally it paid off. I’m sure my high mark for art in year 12 was not in fact because I was technically that skilled (a point my brother who has Asperger’s’ and IS a good technical illustrator regular pointed out – LOL).  But I chose a gutsy subject and expressed myself well. My subject was xenotransplantation – I used real CATT scans I turned into cats and sculptures of mice with ears on their backs.

I still sometimes struggle with the belief that for work to be ‘good’ it has to be hard, complex, times consuming, original and/or risky

Just this week, I also learned that of the four tendencies, I’m a REBEL (if you haven’t taken this quiz, give it a go just for fun

Hence, I’ve sometimes struggled with the idea that it’s ok to just repurpose content. To not re-invent the wheel and take an easier approach to social media.

After trial and error over the last 3 years in particular, I’ve learned that as much as I want to be a ‘wing it’ and post when you feel creative type person, it rarely pays off for me. With limited hours and small children around most of the time, I do better with a plan and batching content (something I’m happy to teach if you’re keen btw).

Thanks to school starting, dogs in the emergency room and now lockdown #3 here in Melbourne I’ve found myself falling behind. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and forcing myself to create from a place of scare time, low energy and high emotions, I decided to make my life easier by recycling some posts.

My most successful post in the last two years was not even something of my own creation. It was a repurposed quote that I hadn’t even bothered to restyle with my own branding:

“If you don’t pick a day to relax, your body will pick it for you”

From Dr Will Cole


The text I added to the post two years ago read:

Hands up if you’re still in this life lesson?  Not taking time off or away from stressors is a form of self-sabotage.
You are literally making yourself sick so you can rationalise that it’s ok to look after yourself. Now you’ve earned it. Been there!

It’s SO much easier to get permission for time off to be “sick” than it is to invest in preventative maintenance.

We all need help with this. Even if we are in the business of helping others

So there you have it. If you’re pushing yourself too hard because of your own unchallenged belief system let this be a sign to stop and reconsider.

Even Disney repurposes its content, frame for frame. You can watch this short video on Facebook. I’ve also popped it in my soulful strategy group where we chat about how to lead by resting, creating meaningful social media for minimal effort and generally rebelling from old conditioning about how we are “supposed to” do things as health professionals

Join soulful strategy here (it’s free and it’s one of the few places I actually turn up live)

Or you can email me. I have a few spots for 1:1 mentoring this year with group programs available later in the year 😊