Woo hoo! As of today, my first book, More than a Healthy Baby, is available for pre-sale. If you head to Booktopia you can grab a copy for 30% off the RRP (until December 8th).

If you didn’t already know, birth trauma impacts at least 1 in 3 birthing people. More if we begin to look at the impact on partners and birth workers who experience vicarious trauma.

Over the next few weeks I’ll giving you an an overview of the chapters and what you can expect to find in the book.

A real call to action for post traumatic growth

Nothing dovetails personal and professional experience about birth trauma together in a way that’s hopeful, holistic and even humorous quite like¬†More Than a Healthy Baby¬†does. Not only will the reader feel validated and supported but encouraged in this heartfelt call to action written by clinical and perinatal psychologist, Dr Erin Bowe, who seamlessly delivers her passion and advocacy for post traumatic growth through these pages.

Often, how you felt during a birth can be so easily dismissed and the birthing parents gaslighted. A healthy baby is all that matters, right? Not so. There’s room for serious reconsideration to what health means, particularly when it comes to birth trauma. Experiencing and recovering from birth trauma is hard but it doesn’t have to be all darkness and shadow, as this book shows.

A delightfully unexpected book, you’ll come away feeling lighter having being offered wisdom, coupled with a stack of practical coping strategies. This book will show you the way to really discover self-compassion and the confidence to celebrate your growth. Where you will feel acknowledged and understood and your trauma can be accounted for. Plus, it offers tips for breastfeeding trauma, sourcing holistic support, vicarious trauma in partners as well as strategies to help with overwhelm and difficult emotions and thoughts.

It’s also the inspiration for parents to become the guardians of change for the next generation.

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