Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers – the Podcast

Episode 13 The Kaleidoscope of Full Spectrum Trauma With Jenna Brown

You can listen to Episode 13 HERE Are you willing to stop assuming that you know anything about anyone else’s experience until you have given them space to tell you? In today’s episode I talk with Jenna Brown from love over fear wellness. Jenna is a change maker. A...

Episode 10 Breastfeeding Trauma with Amberley Harris

Listen to Episode 10 HERE If you are enjoying the podcast, please take a few minutes to leave a review so that as many people as possible can find it, and hopefully find something inspiring, uplifting, informative and thought provoking! Breastfeeding trauma is often...

Episode 6 How to Help Someone who is Dissociating

In this episode I cover: What is dissociation and how it occurs along a continuum of experiences. Most of us have had experiences like getting lost in a book, daydreaming or thinking you've heard your name called. For some, dissociation looks more like feeling out of...

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