Finding Strength and Growth After Birth Trauma


Finding Strength and Growth After Birth Trauma

A real call to action for post traumatic growth

More Than a Healthy Baby dovetails author Dr Erin Bowe’s personal and professional experience about birth trauma together in a way that’s hopeful, holistic and even humorous.

Validating, supporting and encouraging readers in this heartfelt call to action, by clinical and perinatal psychologist, Dr Erin Bowe, seamlessly delivers her passion and advocacy for post traumatic growth through the pages of More Than a Healthy Baby.

Often, how you felt during a birth can be so easily dismissed and the birthing parents gaslighted.

A healthy baby is all that matters, right?

Not so.

There’s room for serious reconsideration to what health means, particularly when it comes to birth trauma.



Dr Erin Bowe

This book will show you the way to really discover self compassion and the confidence to celebrate your growth.

You’ll feel acknowledged and understood and your trauma can be accounted for.

More Than a Healthy Baby is a delightfully unexpected book, you’ll come away feeling lighter having being offered wisdom, coupled with a stack of practical coping strategies

Offering tips for breastfeeding trauma, sourcing holistic support, vicarious trauma in partners as well as strategies to help with overwhelm and difficult emotions and thoughts.



The inspiration for parents to become the guardians of change for the next generation.

Experiencing and recovering from birth trauma is hard but More Than a Healthy Baby shows it doesn’t have to be all darkness and shadow.


More Than a Healthy Baby is available from your favourite online retailer, or from good book stores.

More Than a Healthy Baby is also available on your favourite e-reader device.


So much love drips from these pages. It’s hard to imagine that a book about trauma could contain so much compassion, coupled with holistic strategies. Dr Erin Bowe takes apart the oft repeated phrase, “All that matters is a healthy baby”. She turns around the language that would blame the birthing parent for the trauma they suffer, and gently guides them to a place of peace and/or restoration. She gives no arbitrary timelines for when healing may come. This is a beautiful book, dealing with an ‘ugly’ subject, written by a woman who cares deeply for those who suffer trauma in the perinatal period. 

— Mars Lord

Doula & Birth Acvtivist, Abuela Doulas

Here is an important voice in the scope of birth trauma. Dr Erin Bowe is speaking to all mothers. An inspiring tool for mamas to help reclaim power that was unfairly taken from them in the birth space and beyond. The teachings in this book are revolutionary.

 Amberley Harris

Registered Midwife (Endorsed)

Maternal Instincts, #662 Movement

From the title to the conclusion Dr Erin Bowe nails it. Giving birth is about ‘more than a healthy baby’ despite the fact that so often this is the response not only from society but also from many uniformed health providers.

I like the fact this book takes a positive approach to a very dark topic and focuses on supporting growth and strength through and following birth trauma. Erin writes from the heart, the mind and from her own experience, lending a sense of authenticity and realness to the book. Erin is real and so is her book. I love her sweary book. I felt like fist pumping on the one hand and joining her expletives on the other. 

 Hannah Dahleen, AM, 

Professor of Midwifery

Erin’s book is so many wonderful things – a life-line, a buoy, a ‘you are not alone’ safe place to look at your trauma with an eye to the healing you could do…Erin is the wounded healer, the one who knows from her own experience. The one who can empathize and relate. A woman the Earth needs now

Weaving her own traumatic birth stories and healing journey through the book, she shares what she learned and what tools she found helpful. This is tool kit from a trauma specialist, and a mother who used them.

 Jane Hardwicke Collings

Former Homebirth Midwife of 30 years

Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Founder School of Shamanic Womancraft

Dr Erin Bowe is a clinical and perinatal psychologist and coach in Victoria, Australia. Erin had two traumatic births which led her to follow her purpose and passion of encouraging people to find strength and growth after trauma.

She is fervent about empowering women and their families through pregnancy and parenthood through birth debriefing, perinatal counselling, birth trauma training and clinical supervision and is a provider of Australia’s leading childbirth education course with former Hypnobirthing Australia.

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