Last weekend our family indulged in one of our lockdown rituals – a therapeutic burn off. Fallen leaves, dead branches get tidied up with a  bonfire and then we toast marshmallows. We’d run out of bread for sandwiches for lunch, so I created some novelty by making Quesadillas instead. When my 3 year old was trying to pronounce the unfamiliar word it came out as “in case of deer”

Super cute, but also got me to thinking – what do you have on offer in your business if the first option is unavailable?


A client wants to book 1:1 sessions with you but you’re booked out, they don’t quite trust you yet, they are only ‘window shopping’ when it comes to getting support, or “you’re too dear” (OK, only my mum says ‘dear’ to mean expensive but you get the idea.

Do you just send them on their way, leaving money and points of contact on the table or do you have other options?

A common question I’ll ask my mentoring clients is – “what back up products or services do you have? What passive income streams do you have to support clients if the first option isn’t an option?

Around 8 times out of 10 the answer is “none”

Same goes for social media. What if Instagram shadow banned you tomorrow? Facebook shut down your group and locked you out for no real reason? Or, as happened to a friend earlier this year – her Facebook ad account was hacked and she lost everything.

Creating courses, books, blogs and email lists that you actually own is becoming super important.

You don’t have to do ALL the things. In fact, I encourage you not to burn yourself out by trying to attempt the recommended 5-7 reels a week, 3 posts a day, lives, stories, Tik Tok videos, Clubhouse appearances and whatever else comes along to steal your attention and zap your energy.

Focus on creating building blocks to original content you actually own.

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