In this episode I cover:

What is dissociation and how it occurs along a continuum of experiences. Most of us have had experiences like getting lost in a book, daydreaming or thinking you’ve heard your name called. For some, dissociation looks more like feeling out of body, losing chunks of time and feeling hyperarousal (feeling too much) or hypoarousal (feeling too little).

Birth itself is a major life event in which most people will experience some sense of altered consciousness, so I’m referring more to dissociation that happens after a traumatic event.

Dissociation can be really protective and adaptive, so although it can be confusing or even confronting for other people to observe in their clients, it’s not all bad. However, it’s important to have some grounding strategies for yourself and for your clients to help work through distress.

You might want to look at the Dissociative Experiences Scale for your own interest. Everyone has varying degrees of dissociation, this will give you a guide.