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One of my new favourite things to do on the podcast is interview a birth worker and then interview their mentor. So a few episodes ago I interviewed doula Hannah Goding, and now I’m interviewing her mentor Katherine Eden. In a few weeks I’ll then interview Katherine’s mentor and so on and so forth!

I love stories. This is why I do what I do, this is why I do this podcast. Sharing stories can be such soul medicine. I really do believe that as healers and helpers we cannot walk this path alone. We need support, a sounding board and a circle either physical or metaphorical for story telling.

Katherine is a great storyteller and a space holder. Always interested in the mystery of women’s bodies, pregnancy, and babies Katherine has dabbled in psychology, sociology, social work, and midwifery. She is now a doula educator who supports new doulas to thrive in every aspect of the sense.

Katherine and I chat about how to help the helpers. With trauma, with grief around the idea of what they thought birth work would be like versus how it actually was, and the bullying.

We talk about sister wounds, and the parallels of our work with adolescent girls and bullying and how we’ve been seen this transpire with adult women in midwifery!

If you resonate with fears of being told off, wanting to stay small so that you don’t get attacked, and maybe even a history of being bullied by other women – we are here for you!


Katherine’s website

Make sure you download the birth worker business blueprint! And Katherine also makes beautiful planners for birth workers and people wanting to work with their cycle

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