My guest today, Kerrie Adams is an anarchist midwife. A system disruptor and an educator of modern, savvy midwives who also want to change the world.

You can listen to Episode 17 HERE

Today We talk about:

Midwife archetypes – the “good girl”, the “bitch” and all the patriarchal discourse that creeps into our subconscious when we choose reaction or inaction

She talks about the differences between the UK and Australian systems. How it felt losing her autonomy and dropping skills. The culture shock of permission-asking and feeling like as a midwife there are people who want to keep you “stuck” at a certain level of skill, influence or even power.

Kerrie has an extraordinary vision – yet she describes a time when she literally lost her sight for ten minutes while she was working beyond capacity caring for 24 women.

We talk about how our lineage as birth workers is not one of confidence

Trace back to your own family history. If you find any women who in any way supported, healed or advocated for other women and children – they were called witches. They were burned and drowned. The epigenetics of fear of being seen is very real.

We talk about doing the inner work to create confidence, and truly learning the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour

The bystander effect that happens when witnessing obstetric violence and finding the confidence to say “I want you to stop” to someone who is causing harm.

How your values drive behaviour – how this can show up in things like not making yourself proper lunch.  We make reference to the history of food and diet culture marketed to women – and all the shame, guilt and punishment that goes with it

This is all about moving from reaction and inaction to meaningful action

I want you to stay in birth work, if that’s your goal. Let’s talk about actionable steps to help make that happen.

Kerrie Adams