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Australia’s nurses and midwives are overworked, under supported and in serious danger of burning out, with 32 per cent considering leaving the profession. This is according to findings of a Monash Business School survey of nurses and midwives’ wellbeing.

My guest today has found the confidence to work in a way that is aligned with her soul purpose, so that she’s not going to be another statistic.

If you want a sustainable career as a midwife, you need to actively level up your self-care and support. These are teachable skills. Hannah Willsmore is an Endorsed Midwife in private practice, a life coach and a buddy of mine from Hypnobirthing Australia. She is based in Adelaide, and runs childbirth education and women’s circles.

At fifteen years of age, Hannah managed to swing work experience in a hospital. She got into the labour ward and watched a caesarean birth. Can you imagine that ever happening now?!

With the spirit of knowing that midwives are so often just doing the best they can with shitty conditions, Hannah and I talk about how we can be preventing burnout and preventing birth trauma

We look at language- using person-centered language instead of medicalised language

Making things seem like an emergency when it’s not

And issues around Informed consent

We also talk about the importance of having a supportive network and not waiting until you’re stressed to seek support. If your support system doesn’t actually make you feel better and have you walking away lighter, then there’s something that needs some tweaks

I want you to stay in birth work, if that’s your goal. Let’s talk about actionable steps to help make that happen.


Hannah Willsmore

“What Nurses & Midwives Want: Findings from the National Survey on Workplace Climate and Well-being” (this is the article with the statistics on the 32 percent of people who want to leave)

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