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Today I introduce you to the gorgeous Hannah Goding who is a Melbourne doula. Hannah and I met at a social media training event, and I thought “here is someone with such passion and a quiet kind of confidence I want to shine a light on”. We are looking at the false normalization of numbing that happens in midwifery and about Hannah’s journey from midwife to doula. Like so many of us do, Hannah got into birth work for the babies, the joy of new life and a fascination with pregnancy.

In her third year of studies, Hannah left after experiencing what she now knows was vicarious trauma. We talk about how the response of others around her was to numb out, not talk about it and keep going. An experience which left her feeling isolated and beginning to personalize what are actually very normal reactions to trauma.

Vicarious trauma affected her spirit and her physical body– Hannah describes feeling so stressed that her periods stopped.

Hannah describes that experience that I know so many of you have with that sentence “how could I be traumatized when I wasn’t the one going through it?”

She talks about her experience of finding a psychologist to help her work through the trauma, and how to align her core values with her practice. She ultimately realized the impact she wanted to make in the world would be better served through doula work.

We talk about what needs to happen to better prepare student midwives to better understand trauma-informed practice and self-care. We ask the question “what needs to happen in order for complaining to turn into actionable change?”

We discuss the gaslighting, bullying and hazing that goes on in the birth system. Where complaints go to the very people who are doing the damage. Where debriefs are turned into an opportunity to point fingers.

These are conversations we must keep having.


Hannah Goding

Hannah’s mentor Katherine Eden

Dynamo Doula training with Angela Gallo (which I teach in!)

Visibility for Visionaries (social media training)

The Big Leap by Gay Henricks

Newborn Mothers by Julia Jones

Why Induction Matters by Rachel Reed