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Are you willing to stop assuming that you know anything about anyone else’s experience until you have given them space to tell you?

In today’s episode I talk with Jenna Brown from love over fear wellness. Jenna is a change maker. A space holder. An eloquent, warm, vibrant presence that I am so glad exists in the world.

In today’s episode Jenna talks about how full spectrum doula work = trauma informed care

Trauma is really death by a thousand cuts – it’s not in one event, and for many, many people it’s interwoven with daily traumas.

Some of the things we talk about in today’s episode are:

being trans non binary in the birth world

why pregnancy and birth is not a celebration for everyone and how do we support people through pregnancy, birth, identity death and other forms of rebirth, death and loss

not making assumptions about people, and truly leaning into individual led care

how triggers are invitations for healing

00.09 the assumption that recipients of care will tell us about their gender, sexuality or past abuse

14.10 using a non-assumption approach

19.00 Why the rhetoric of “trust your instincts and your body in birth” doesn’t work for some people

21:33 the body as a harbinger as trauma – walking around in a suit of your own trauma as a trans person

31:15 why not everyone who is pregnant is a woman

38:00 How learning about gender and sexuality and attraction teaches you something about yourself

41:00 Some basic stats about discrimination of trans people

43:48 How systems use shame to influence behaviour

51:40 using a safety plan for your self-care so that you don’t get stressed and then get stuck in inaction.

55:00 redefining being an ally

Permission to be dynamic and need different things in different moments

How love and a desire for compassion and enriching our lives with diversity is the killer for fear

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