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I ignite women to burn bright instead of burning out

Whether you need to process helping, healing and supporting other people all day, to learn new techniques to aid your own mental health and well-being, to stop shitting yourself over your advocacy and activism work,  my coaching packages are here to help.

Together we can work on – working through your own inner work instead of doing it vicariously through your clients, dealing with imposter fears, replacing rest with other forms of self-care and so, so much more.

As a clinical psychologist, specialising in the field of wellness, I’m dedicated to supporting our wellness wonders – the yoga instructors, the massage therapists, the acupuncturists, the birth workers, the healers, the carers, the advocates. Avoid burn out, learn to better manage the unpredictable nature of our work, get the tools to hold space for yourself. I am dedicated to igniting women to burn bright, not burn out.

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Coaching Packages 


I have coaching packages to suit many budgets, this is not a cookie-cutter appraoch! 

We work together for 3, 6 or 9 months, depending on your needs.

This is for people who aren’t playing small. You need to be COMMITED to actioning change, not just window shopping! 

With each package you will have reading, homework and accountability. I’ll be checking in with you via email and/or text in between calls.

If you are ready to jump on a call or Zoom appointment, let’s talk. You can book a 30 minute discovery call below

    Payment plans are available – just ask me.

    *While I am a registered Clinical Psychologist, my coaching is NOT therapy, so Medicare/Private Health rebates are not applicable. 

    A five senses approach to self-compassion

    What you focus on, you get more of. In this mini workbook you get to take an eagle eye focus on what you DO want. It’s like a love letter from a smitten teenager who is only going to see the positives, full of hope and possibility.

    Learn my approach to:

    • See it
    • Hear it
    • Feel it
    • Smell it
    • Taste it

    Download my ‘A five senses approach to self-compassion’ mini workbook now

    A five senses approach to self-compassion

    About Doctor Erin

    I’m a Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist and coach in Victoria.

    Supporting and igniting the wellness wonders of the world absolutely chose me. After watching my own darling Doula struggling to process the unfolding of my second traumatic birth it occurred to me – where is the support for the healers and the helpers? Where is the trauma informed practice?

    I have over 10 years’ experience working in private practice assisting women and families with perinatal support before and during pregnancy, and even postpartum with parent coaching and child/adolescent mental health.

    My experience in psychology is pretty wide ranging. I’ve worked with people as young as 9 months and as old as 90 years. There have been mums, murderers, Olympic athletes, chess champions, sex workers, and CEOs. I believe that everyone has a story and am always interested in listening to yours and helping you to better navigate birth work.

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