Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers online course FAQ

Firstly, thank you for purchasing a course from me. This course has been slowly growing, and at the time of writing I’ve had to (quickly) put together this FAQ in order to try to cope with a spike in volume of enrolments – 530 overnight!


How long do I have access?

This an evergreen course meaning you can start at any time.

There is lifetime access to the course which means that you have access for the lifetime of the course (not your lifetime – this confuses people sometimes). Put simply, you have access to the course for as long as I choose to keep it going. Occasionally courses may be retired or revamped – if this happens, rest assured you’ll have plenty of notice.


I can’t find my purchase confirmation or log in

  1. Look in your spam for an email from the platform Udemy (not from me).
  2. Double check which email you used (work or personal for example) and that it was entered correctly (typos are pretty common).
  3. If you still can’t find an email from Udemy it’s likely that it’s been blocked at the server level. Try going to and attempt log in with the email you signed up with. Use the password reset option
  4. If that doesn’t solve it please contact the platform Udemy directly at [email protected]. They are usually pretty quick to respond.


I don’t know my email I used to sign up or my password

Neither do I 😊

I only have access to your name that you used to sign up. Frequently people don’t put their surname either (guess how many ‘Sarah’s’ with no surname I have as students?).

I don’t have access to your individual email address or password. I can literally only see your first name, surname if you entered it and your progress with the course.


There is a bug or error. I can’t access something I previously had access to

  1. Clear your cookies. Each browser will have different steps for this. E.g. Chrome
  2. Log out of Udemy and log in again.
  3. If that doesn’t solve the problem, contact [email protected]


Is there a Facebook group?

It exits, but I’m on an 8 week social media break at the moment so I will not be adding new members or logging in during that time.

I suggest you sign up to my weekly email list or follow my blog instead


Do I get a certificate?

There is no formal (university or learning institution accredited) certification for my courses.

A certificate of completion is available to those who request one from me by email and who have completed the course. As a guide, the Australian College of Midwives endorses the course for 16 hours.

I do not check student records as this would be extremely time consuming given the cost of the course and limited student information Udemy makes available to me. Please ensure that you have completed all of the activity logs and ‘homework’ if your professional development organisation asks to cite them.

Certificates will be issued to those students who request them at the end of the month. I dedicate one hour a month to preparing student’s certificates. I don’t have an assistant, it’s just me, so please be patient. If for some reason your request is urgent then you may put ‘urgent certificate’ in the subject header of your email and I’ll get to it asap.


Is the course endorsed?

Yes. Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers is endorsed for 16 hours with the Australian College of Midwives.


How are assessments handled?

Given the large volume of students I have and the low cost of the course, I do not check individual assessments. You are responsible for your own learning and keeping your activity logs for professional development.

You may see references to PRE and POST assessments of confidence in the course. I have removed these as incredibly few people actually took them and it’s ‘dead’ data.


Cost and sales

Please note that Udemy courses run slightly different to other platforms. In exchange for Udemy marketing the course on my behalf, I agree to experimental pricing. This means that while I choose a base price (e.g., $100) Udemy frequently runs sales and affiliate marketing to MANY different countries or target groups.

I don’t get updates about when my course is going on sale or for how long. I don’t control the sale price. The courses can be showing different prices to different countries or people at different times. This is all part of the roulette wheel that is Udemy.

Please don’t email me complaining that yesterday the course was $20 and you missed out and now it’s $100. If you miss out and the current price would be a significant burden on you, rest assured that there will be another sale.

Please respect the work that went into this course and my generosity at making it as cheap as I have.  My birth trauma training for birth workers course was originally a $1997.00AUD course. The quality, effort and energy I put into this course still reflects that. I chose to switch platforms during covid-19 to improve access, and I’m proud of that.

A course that used to be 2 thousand dollars that you can now buy for $100 is still an absolute steal. Please respect the 10+ years I spent training to become a senior clinical psychologist. Please respect the 2 years and thousands of hours and dollars I spent researching and developing this course.


I’ve experienced my own traumatic birth, which course should I do?

Birth Trauma Training for birth workers is aimed at professionals wanting to support birthing people who have experienced trauma. In saying that, 1 in 3 of those people will have experienced their own traumatic birth (I had two myself!), and there will be some overlap in the growth you see.

Many people start the birth worker course then find that they need to work on their own growth and healing first. I’d recommend you start with More than a Healthy Baby course which is designed for parents.

More than a healthy baby the course

More than a healthy baby the book

Practical strategies to cope with birth trauma e book



Can you teach me to create & sell my own course?

I’m currently working on a couple of courses and e-books to teach people to do what I’ve done. In the meantime, I send out a weekly email with my hints and thoughts about soulful strategy. You can join the mailing list HERE and get my guide to passive income while you’re at it.

Marketing – is there a course I reccommend? 

YES. The only course I’ve taken that was actually useful is by fellow Aussie and Mum Leonie Dawson. Her Star Sales Course is HERE

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Passive Income for Mental Health Professionals


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