More than a Healthy Baby: How to Cope With Birth Trauma





Have you had an overwhelming, scary, and confusing birth experience? You are not alone. 1 in 3 people will experience a traumatic birth.

More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength and Growth After Birth Trauma, published by the kind press

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Sample pages from Practical strategies to cope with birth trauma

The online course

Wondering what on earth just happened to you and where to even start? Not sure what you need, or if you’re even ready to talk to someone? Does the idea of being handed a pamphlet with a lotus flower and being told that “all that matters is a healthy baby” make you want to puke?

Want to have a little stalk into what a Psychologist might offer? Want to know what tools I used to cope with my own two traumatic births? Want to know what tools other parents have used to find strength and growth?

This course is not therapy. It’s not a replacement for being responsible for your own healing and trauma work.  What I’m offering you is something other than pity, clichés and blaming.

In Section 1, I give you (and your partner and/or family) education and information about what birth trauma is, why did it happen, and what you need to know about trauma being your biggest teacher for growth.

In Section 2, I teach you practical, life-long strategies for coping. I know that they work because I’ve been teaching them as a psychologist for 10+ years experience. These are also things that I use myself. We cover strategies from CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation, ACT, Guided Imagery, DBT, Positive Psychology, embodiment practices and more.

In Section 3, I’ll give you the pros and cons of different treatment approaches, tips and advice for further support options. How to find support, and what questions to ask.

It’s beautiful, hopeful, bright and bold. I swear, I laugh. I teach you that doing work on your trauma doesn’t have to be heavy. You can do it while sitting on your couch in your pjs. I would love to show you that you’re not broken. That the strongest, most beautifully resilient version of yourself is yet to come.

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My counselling calendar is currently closed. I do have a referral list for some wonderful practitioners, email me [email protected]

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