I’m not much of a birder, but I do love watching birds of paradise with their glorious feathers and hilarious dance moves. So I watched Dancing with the birds on Netflix, narrated by Stephen Fry.

Male black sickle bills can go a lifetime without ever seeing a female, but they’re programmed to just persevere and keep practicing their craft. So they hang out on their pole, shaking their feathery bums up & down hoping for the best. Which is basically what you’ll do in the first few years on online business.

In the documentary there’s a bird called MacGregor’s bower bird. He builds a 1 metre maypole type structure that he spent 7 years perfecting. It’s maybe the most ambitious construction made by any animal. He tinkers & tinkers & hangs bits of sticky plant sap off it then the moment he takes a break, jealous males come & wreck his masterpiece.

Building content is time consuming & incredibly frustrating. No one seems to notice your content. No one buys it.  You’ll feel like an absolute tit, turkey or a goose (see what I did there?). This is where most people give up. Say they tried the social media thing or making a course & it didn’t work.

Building the thing & then no one coming doesn’t mean you are a failure. It likely means you’re lacking strategy, patience & like the bower bird, suffering from shiny object syndrome.  Waiting for things to take off is BORING & you will catch yourself in the failure talk. One day, if I’m brave enough I’ll share the 5-10 posts I drafted for IG where I was going to announce what a failure I was because my first course bombed.

Build your bower. Shake your tail feathers & be patient.