Episode 14 Feeling Distressed Now? My Message of Love With 3 Things You can do to Decompress

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Maybe you’re sitting in your car right now about to drive off from attending a horrendous birth. Maybe you are being bullied at work, or struggling with memories of your own birth.

We’ve all been in those situations where we are so overwhelmed that we can’t think of anything to do for ourselves to help decompress. In this episode I wanted to run through 5 things you can do right now that might help if the ideas are not coming to you.

  1. Deep breathing activating the vagus nerve, and stretching out
  2. Checking in with your thoughts – are they accurate? Can you activate the dorsolateral cortex and turn down the fight or flight response with coping statements – I’m going to be ok, I’m loved, what I do matters
  3. Tapping and/or cupping your arms – bring some blood flow and energy back to your body. Sit and feel your cold keys on the back of your arm. You’re drawing your gentle awareness back to your body and the here and now. Try taking your shoes off and massage your feet. Or maybe your hands. Let the tension out.

Allow whatever feelings you have. Rather than try to push the feelings away see if you can name any feelings.

If you’re feeling suicidal reach out to Lifeline 13 11 14