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my house looks like a crime scene

March 7, 2022

I’m Erin.
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I know I aim to shatter glass ceilings, but this was something else…
Last Saturday, while in the middle of prepping lunch I heard a shattering sound. It sounded a lot like when the kids knock over a tower of those plastic magna tiles, so I assumed one of them dropped the basket and I called out “what was that? pick it up”
My six year old calls back “no! no! the window is on the floor”

I look to see one of our glass sliding doors shattering.
Is it a bird?
A rogue ball?
It just began to shatter on its own. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
Waiting for a resolution was challenging. Four local glaziers who all advertised their businesses as 24 hour support services didn’t answer the phone.
So we waited. Left messages and waited some more.
The waiting was getting me stressed, so I did what I knew would help and just kept repeating gratitudes.
It was forecast for rain right now, but it’s sunny. Thankyou
Noone was hurt. Thankyou
I have baby gates up to stop the dogs from running out onto the road and keep the kids away. Thankyou
And then I booked a psychic. I’m not sure why exactly. I’ve never booked one before. I just suddenly felt compelled. After my previous blog about the potential poltergeist taking over the TV remote, I think my husband thinks I’ve lost it 😀
When I told him I booked in to see a psychic in 3 months time (there was a waiting list) he gave me that “yeah ok….” supportive yet “I don’t get why you believe in this stuff” look.
I reminded him that at age 16 I had a ‘vision’ that my soulmate was someone with the same face and name as him. Coincidence? Divine intervention? I don’t know but we’re still married and I still can’t help but wonder about things that maybe can’t fully be explained by science.
I’m all ears for any spiritual insights about my broken window!
Similarly, if you’ve ever had a window spontaneously shatter or other strange experiences, email me and tell me about it.
P.S. Yes, we are fine and the window got fixed. Though I think I’m going to be finding tiny specks of glass for a while
Mum as You are podcast
In Episode 28 I share an exercise that I usually return to when things feel out of control. While I am feeling a bit sick of talking about control and gratitude, it’s what keeps popping up for me, so I figure other parents must be in the same boat. It’s a quick gratitude practise that helped me this week when so many things just kept falling away from my control.
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