My FINAL in-person group class will be Sunday February 3 & 10 2019.

I have loved every minute of teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia course for the last 3 years, but my heart is being pulled to work more exclusively with supporting and training birth workers through birth trauma. 

You can still enrol for the Hypnobubs Online course and upgrade to a consult with me – see details below 🙂


Hypnobubs online course

  • 10 x professional and highly comprehensive hypnobirthing video tuition and practical exercises with world recognised hypnobirthing expert, Melissa Spilsted
  • Little book of hypnobirthing eBook
  • Worksheets & handouts throughout (to keep you motivated, engaged and help you with your practice along the way
  • 5 x long play mp3 practice hypnobirthing tracks including our world famous Affirmations for Beautiful Birthing, Surge of the Sea, Prompts for Birthing, Glove of Endorphins and Fear Release. Our albums don’t sit on the top of the iTunes hypnobirthing rankings for no reason. They are popular world-wide, because they work!
  • Add on option of a personalised 90 minute Skype session with me
  • Price: Limited time price of $199! Follow this link

Why hypnobirthing?


After working with many women who have experienced doubts, fears, anxiety and even trauma regarding their pregnancy and births, I began thinking there must be better way to positively support women before they birth, rather than focusing on only healing negative experiences after the fact.

I had been following Melissa Spilsted’s amazing hypnobirthing program for a few years thinking I might look into it ‘one day’. When I was preparing myself for the birth of my first daughter I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to use myself as a guinea pig! I considered myself to have a pretty low pain threshold. I would stop exercising the moment I got a stitch, would never contemplate getting a wax, and, when I got braces in my 20s I took codeine before every orthodontic appointment. See? Total wuss!


I did my PhD on self-harm, partly because I was fascinated by how people could choose to deliberately injure themselves. In doing this research, I knew that the brain has amazing capabilities to naturally produce pain-relieving and relaxation hormones if we train it and get into the right head space. If you are fearful of pain, anxious about birth, or have had a previous bad experience, I can help! Not only do I have the tools and the know-how, but I’ve lived it myself.


My labour with my first baby was intense and super quick, but I felt calm and recognised what was happening to my body each step of the way, just as hypnobirthing taught me. Again, with my second daughter, I had a fast, intense labour and this baby had severe shoulder dystocia (stuck shoulders). Hypnobirthing (combined with a supportive birth team) helped me to have a physiological (‘natural’) birth with no drugs or intervention. And, you know what? I pushed out a 5.0kg baby!

As a practitioner, and a mother, I really do believe that the positive, evidence-based approach used in Australian Hypnobirthing makes THE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to a calm, empowered birth.



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